3 days.

Things have been difficult here the past few days. Gus has had periods of being inconsolable, he has a stuffy nose, and has a baby acne type face rash. Monday nights Lesley plays hockey and the minute she walked out the door last night he screamed for an hour straight. It was the kind of screaming that made me wonder if my hearing would ever be okay again.

I’ll admit I have not been fairing well. When alone with him I’m not sure which one of us sobs louder. The thing about maternity leave is that you cannot move. I have an 11 pound weight strapped to me that holds me down. So while laundry piles up around me I am on episode 11 in Season 5 of Gilmore Girls. There are 21 episodes in a season and each one is 45 minutes long. I really spend my days doing nothing. And then he screams and I cry and we wait for Lesley to come home.

I’ve been distressed about his screaming the last few days. We’ve been fairly sure it’s just gas but that doesn’t make it any easier as we’ve been unsure how to fix it. Until today’s magical midwife visit.

We explained to her what’s been going on- the fussiness and the snot, she could see the rash. She stopped right then and weighed him. He had gained over a pound in two weeks. Her belief is that he’s getting too much sugary fore milk and not enough fatty hind milk. Our dear boy loves to cluster feed (a bunch of short feeds through a period of time instead of a long good one). While this is getting better the habit screwed up the balance in my milk.

Luckily, this is totally fixable. For the next three days I block feed him meaning two feedings on a side before switching. That doesn’t sound terrible but anything within two hours of a feeding is one feeding. This means that from 1:30-7:00 I fed from one boob. I was extremely excited when he woke up and I got to switch.

Already we see an improvement. His congestion is better and face already clearing up. Tonight he fed and went to sleep easily in the co sleeper. Three days of uncomfortable boobs and we’ll be reset. Here’s hoping I get my happy kid back!


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  1. I’m so sorry to hear you’re having such a rough time, but very glad that there’s the possibility of some relief on the horizon!

  2. And hey, just putting it out there, I think we’re about an hour (?) from you all. I’m on maternity leave until mid-November so if you get desperate for support feel free to send me an e-mail at our littlerainbowbug@gmail.com address.

  3. YES! Just yes to everything you said about the first month plus of baby. I don’t think we left the couch but for the two hours a night he actually slept in his crib. And the screaming was so challenging and heartbreaking (well it still is, it just happens less and at shorter intervals). There would be days it would go on for four hours and I just felt like a horrible mom. There is hope! It does really start to get better around 8 or 9 weeks and by 12 weeks things start feeling like normal (well new normal). I’m waiting for a 4 month regression now, but it seems like his fussiness can be contained. Have you looked up Happiest Baby on the Block? The techniques didn’t always make him happy, but if we kept going through the motions eventually he would calm down. Brian had some baby acne— I don’t think it necessarily helped, but I was told to put a little breast milk on it, apparently it’s a heal all.

    You are doing awesome! Some moms I know swear by gripe water btw for gas/fussiness. My spouse never let me use it because she was too anxious to give him anything. But might be worth asking the midwife or baby’s doctor.

    • Happiest baby on the block is our lifesaver. I say now that I’ll be so ready to go back to work but that will be at 12 weeks when things get more fun.

      Gus looks much better on the acne front this morning and slept like a champ. Both the breast milk on the acne and gripe water were things I planned to ask our midwife about but didn’t after finding the problem. I’ll ask her at our next visit for future reference. She suggested vinegar water for his face.

  4. Aw friend. Hang in there. Apparently this is the infant version of the 3 day rule? xo.

  5. I had some of the same problems with my daughter, it gets rough! With the house stuff, just try to let it go for now, who needs clean clothes anyway?
    I did the block feeding thing, but didn’t go quite as long before switching boobs as you did, my other one would have exploded! It did seem to help the gas a bit though. We also used a ton of gripe water. I did a lot of tummy massage and held her knees up to her chest, did the bicycle motion, which helped sometimes.
    Putting breast milk on the acne really does help clear it up! Poor Ali had some major acne, like, really bad, and the spots I put milk on cleared up a lot faster than other spots.
    The only sure fire thing that will help everything is time though. I think some babies need an extra couple months for their digestive system to mature, which makes for uncomfortable babies and stressed out mamas.
    This too shall pass…
    The days are long but the years are short…
    You can do it!…
    (More uplifting thing that I can’t think of)…

  6. That sounds difficult. I’m glad it sounds like the source of the problem was found. I hope your next three days are less stressful.

  7. Sounds like a rough time. Hope things get better for both of you!!

  8. I’m sorry, I know all too well what a screaming baby is like. I hope the block feeding helps. If not, and you haven’t already, you might want to look at the period of purple crying. There is a lot of research showing that crying peaks at 2 months and then tapers off after that. Sending peaceful thoughts to you and Gus. Hang in there mama it gets better.

    • Just chiming in to say that the purple crying was true for us. My mom was making a big deal about it, but we looked up purple crying and it made us feel a lot better having an explanation about what was going on.

  9. My days still look like this sometimes… πŸ˜‰

    Glad to hear he’s on the mend and you guys can find a bit of relief. Sending the best thoughts to your poor breasts for the next three days. πŸ™‚ Hang in there!

  10. New reader here. Just chiming in to say it’s funny that you are watching the Gilmore Girls. My wife has suddenly developed a love for this and in the last 5 weeks since our peanut was born, has watched five seasons herself. And also, sending you good, scream-less vibes and hoping that tapers off very soon.

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