Best laid plans

Pre baby:
“We won’t be those people with baby stuff all over the house!”

Post baby:



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  1. Yep. Our house is the same way. We are getting ready to list it for sale. My realtor said ‘remove all the baby things you aren’t using right now’ haha. We are using it all. Almost daily.

  2. LOL!!! Oh the things we say, and then reality happens!

  3. Hehe, I said the same thing before my daughter was born. Soon you will be swapping mats and seats for toys and books, which don’t take up *quite as much space…

  4. Yea .. it happens! LOL. All the things I said wouldn’t happen, happened. Haha.

  5. Ha! That sounds very familiar. The one good thing is that some of the things in the picture won’t be needed in just a few months. (Of course, our swing and playmat are now taking up space in the basement instead, but that’s a whole ‘nother problem…)

  6. How can you not be those people? I mean seriously if you figure it out let me know, I can barely walk around without tripping over it lol!

  7. Happens to the best of us! When they get a little older you can start getting rid of some of that stuff (or storing or whatever) and your house feels so BIG! and OPEN! It’s an awesome feeling. (But then you have to baby proof because they start getting mobile and you start wishing they would just hang in the swing again…)

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