I’m a mom. I still don’t think that has really set in. I completely love this kid and can’t believe he is ours.

Our days are strange and centered mainly around survival. Lesley went back to work last week but we had a friend come down Monday and Tuesday and my dad arrived Thursday night for the weekend so I wasn’t alone the whole time. This is my first week solo.

August has slept well the last two nights including long stints in his co sleeper each night. Today I got up and he slept in his bouncer for a while while I did a few things around the house and had breakfast. Unfortunately during the current nap he wouldn’t be happy not on top of me so here we cuddle watching Gilmore Girls.

I’m amazed at the time put into baby care. Of course I knew this but seeing it played it is different. We went through about 20 diapers yesterday that are tumbling dry now. Someday we’ll get good at changing him when he is completely done pooping. Yesterday I took August and our pooch for a five minute walk and it took me 45 minutes to get ready. I got an app to track his feedings and the first day I spent 224 minutes feeding him. That’s almost 4 HOURS.

We’re adjusting and settling in. When Lesley gets home from work I’m so ready to have my hands free and get a small break. But last night she got him ready for bed and I took the dog out for his quick night walk. I was elated to be outside, with my arms free and body to myself. So elated, in fact, we trotted quickly along so we could be with our family.

Here are some pictures from a trip to the coast this weekend:



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  1. twomamasonebaby

    I love, love, love that pic of you holding him on the beach.

  2. I love these pictures! I’m glad to hear sleep is getting better. There will be ups and downs for sure and don’t get discouraged by any regressions. I remember that the hardest part of adjusting to motherhood was getting used to being a 24 hour a day milk dispenser. It sound like you are doing well, but I had a hard time at first and things got better when she could make eye contact and smile and laugh. From that point things were golden.

  3. Ugh, the feet shot is so cute I could just die.

    Those newborn diapers were quite an event. And four hours? No wonder. He’s a busy guy. 🙂 Way to be, moms. That’s some awesome dedication.

  4. I am so impressed that you made it out on a little trip this early. We tried to go to the Eastern Shore (an 1 hour day trip) at 9 weeks and we only made it to Annapolis (25 minute day trip). Not to mention the 45 minutes it always takes to leave the house b/c the poop and spit up are always well timed with departure. Beautiful family!

    • My dad was in town and the trip was his idea. I smiled along even though our getting ready process involved me crying about not wanting to go. 🙂

      • that sounds about right. still very impressive feat!

      • Whew, I was beginning to worry that you were superhuman. 🙂 We weren’t brave enough to attempt a daytrip until R was almost 8 weeks old. Where along the coast did you go? It’s beautiful, looks similar to Coos Bay where I lived for a year. We’re planning to move near there next fall! But Eugene, bigger city.

      • We went to Florence then up to Newport. I’m stoked for y’all to return to Oregon. There are a couple of us NW families in Eugene… Just sayin 🙂

  5. Glad things are going well!! You should do a cloth diaper post when you have the chance!!

  6. Also, the mom thing still catches my breath from time to time. Where did these incredible kids come from? I get to keep them? Wait, and I’m responsible for their every need? A giant ball of incalculable love and anxiety.

  7. Ha! That is awesome! Your family is in Eugene?! 🙂 I can at least tell DW that I sort of know some people who live there now. She’s a little nervous about leaving our tribe (but excited in general about the move). Eugene’s a friendly place, right? So I’m not too worried. Do you mind if I bug you for some pointers when it’s closer to our move, and arrange for some meetups? A will be a whole year old then… is that completely overwhelming to imagine? In the same vein, I cannot listen to Puff the Magic Dragon anymore without sobbing.

  8. The shot of the feet in the sand is fantastic…such tiny little feet!

  9. I agree with the above milk dispenser comment. If I had tracked how much time I spent feeding M I probably would have cried and cried some more. At 4 months, he finally is usually happy to eat quickly and get on with the fun stuff.

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