Things I’ve learned.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but I spend my days answering the demands of this fella and rarely have a free hand.


So here are the things I learned about child birth:
-People had told me it’s common to poop while pushing out a baby but no one warned me that I would pee everywhere.
-You do not feel it when your vagina tears.
-It is overwhelming intense pain but when it’s over so is the pain.
-The hardest part is not knowing when it will be over.
-Lesley described it last night as “primal”. That is totally accurate.
– If you forget to wear deodorant on the day you give birth it takes a long time to smell okay again.

Things I’ve learned about having a baby:
– Stress sweat smells different than regular sweat. Lesley and I are just starting to not smell terrible. (I just smelled myself and am unsure if that last part is true.)
-Your standards drop quickly. See that blanket August is laying on above? That’s there because I choose not to wear a bra to bed and leaked milk in the middle of the night and did not want to lay him in it. Every surface we have is covered in milk, spit up, or urine. Poop is where we draw the line and clean up.
-Breastfeeding sucks but gets a little better. I still have no huge desire to do it but will continue to soldier on.
-I let go of things I thought I wouldn’t let go of. For example, my kid was NOT going to sleep in my bed. I’d love to get him in the co sleeper but at this point it’s a win if I can get him off my body.
-Some people try to help but are not helpful. (Lesley’s work set up a meal train for us but often bring dinner around 9 pm. We now eat by 6:30 latest.) Some little things, like someone just being here, are the most helpful.
-I never imagined I’d love this kid so much or love Lesley so intensely watching her be a mom.


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  1. The BO is from all the crazy hormones. Deodorant wouldn’t have helped!

  2. Oh man. I don’t miss the surfaces being covered in urine, breast milk and spit up! But it gets better. LOL. I do remember that fun stuff. The blanket trick is pretty darn common too!

  3. Om lawd. .. All the sweating… so much sweating.

  4. Awe!! He is so adorable and this was fun to read!

  5. Could he be any cuter? Yeah I thought it was just me who was smelling more, so weird. And yes so much milk everywhere!

    • The smelling thing is so weird. I had no idea – someone should really tell you that. “Hey, a million people are going to want to come see your baby and you will smell worse than anyone in the history of ever.”

  6. What a precious face! And oh man, do those standards plummet. I love that you’re owning it! 😉 Babies are messy. Glad to hear the first few weeks are going well for you guys.

  7. What a handsome man! And the dinosaur pj’s are awesome! This post was great! Now I know what to look forward to (and make sure that Callie has plenty of deodorant on! lol)

  8. On the plus side, your kid loves the smell! Helps him know who you are since his sight is kind of crappy right now. So embrace your b.o.! 🙂 Eventually you’ll smell like your normal self again…some day… But sheesh, could he be any more beautiful?

  9. twomamasonebaby

    I still fantasize about not breastfeeding but will soldier on as well.

  10. I love the list. Gives me a good insist on what to expect, hopefully soon.

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