Some newborn pictures

A friend took the start of newborn pictures today. We’ll do more family pictures of more pictures of him when he is not grumpy but here is a couple from the first set that I love.

photo-10 photo-9


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  1. He’s realllllly cute.

  2. Aww. Grumpy or not, these are great. Hi kiddo!

  3. Awe!!!! Is his hair ginger or just blonde it’s hard to tell!

  4. I love everything about this post, that is all.

  5. twomamasonebaby

    Hello, handsome boy!

  6. Oh man! He’s adorable!!

  7. Yep adorable is the word! And I’m not his mother!! I love that last photo on right ❤

  8. What a cutie! If you weren’t across the country from us, he could be buds with my little guy! Hope you are doing well. Even though I wouldn’t have traded a moment of it, the first few weeks were hard- and no one really talks about that.

  9. Beautiful photos and gorgeous baby! Good work, mommas!

  10. What great photos. So very precious.

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