The aftermath

The moments after August was born were surreal. Colleen, our midwife, had him in her arms and was trying to get him into my arms. Lesley, Colleen, and her assistant, Victoria, got me some pillows so I could prop myself up on our coffee table and within seconds his body was against mine. I held onto him while they did an initial once over and I repeatedly asked if he was okay. I was assured he was perfect and after many minutes we realized we had no idea what the sex of the baby was and picked him up to get a look and learn we had a son.

Pictures from labor:


After a period of time (I have no idea how long) we discussed the placenta. In theory I was in no hurry to deliver it but the cord had stopped pulsating so I was ready to get it done. It took a minute but it was out and the cord was cut and we were free to move. Lesley, August, and I moved into the bedroom where he nursed. We sat and looked at him and after a period of time (I have no idea how long) Colleen and Victoria did a quick newborn exam to tell us how perfect he is. It included weighing him like this (the woman in the picture is Colleen):


Colleen and Victoria tried to help me take a shower where I almost passed out so that ended quickly. I went into the bedroom and they gave me stitches (4) and by that time my mom was here. Unfortunately, I took not one single picture of my mom with him. It was around that time that I got extremely tired. Family visited for a few, family and friends and midwife left, and we were on our own.

In the end everything went pretty great. Yes, there were some things about the birth that weren’t perfect but it’s not worth getting into it. The day ended with me, Lesley, and our soon falling asleep together and that’s all that really matters.

Terrible first family picture:



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  1. Beautiful story, beautiful baby, beautiful family!

  2. Beautiful 1st family picture! And incredible labor collage. I know labor is hard and uncomfortable no matter where or how it happens, but you all look so cosy in the pictures. Thank you for sharing!

  3. There’s a lot of love in these photos. What a wonderful way to welcome August into the world. Congrats to you and yours!

  4. Aw, beautiful pictures, beautiful baby! So much love and beauty in this story.

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