Birth Story Part 1

I’ve got a football game on and a sweet baby sleeping on my shoulder so I’ll work now to give you a birth story. I’m doing this one handed on my phone so forgive the spelling errors and such.

I was due September 27th and SURE baby would be here early. My mom arrived on the 23rd and we waited. We saw our midwife, Colleen, on the 24th and she said anytime. We made an appointment for the 30th which made me cringe- so far away! I stopped working on the 26th and got antsy.

On the 30th Colleen came and said the same thing- anytime. She asked if I wanted her to check if I was dilated and I said no- I did not want false hope things we’re going faster than they were.

That night my mom and stepdad drove four hours to pick my step sister up from the airport. Lesley and I went out to dinner the two of us and met them when they got back into town. It was the night of September 30th. Around 9pm I started having mild contractions. They were about a half an hour apart. We came home that night and went to bed. I woke up throughout the night with them but by 5:30 am was awake as they were coming every twenty minutes. We watched their consistency and they stayed at that rate while moving around and sped up while lying down. We called our midwife and told her what was going on around noon. She asked us to call her back at three.

At that point my family tried to convince me to go to the coast (an hour away) for the day. I ended up in my room crying hysterically because I felt that no one believed I was in labor. I said no to the coast but went to lunch with my family while Lesley ran to work for a few hours. When I got home around 3 I called Colleen and told her the contractions were still pretty consistent and getting stronger. She said she’d come by and check in.

Lesley got home and Colleen came. It was around 4 pm. Sometime around 2:30 I went to the bathroom and noticed that I had some bleeding. When she got there Colleen checked me and I was 3 cm dilated. Contractions were about ten minutes apart and she suggested we call her before bed or if they were 4 minutes apart. My family left and brought us some dinner later. We called Colleen later to check in and they were 7-10 minutes apart. She suggested we rest for a few hours as she’d be talking to us soon.

Okay, all you get for now. Part 2 tomorrow.


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