Goodbye due date.

My due date has officially come and gone and I’m still pregnant. I’m more uncomfortable in the past few days than I have been my entire pregnancy and emotionally pretty down.

My mom is here until Friday. What if the baby doesn’t come by then? The thought of that makes me feel a little sick.

When baby is late you have plenty of time to examine how little you want to give birth. I just need to get this over with.


Posted on September 28, 2014, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Sending you speedy labor wishes. I hope that kiddo comes soon!

  2. Due dates are an evil thing. Wishing for you a 40 + 1 or 2 labor day.

  3. C’mon, Steakums! Sending out “go into labor” vibes!

  4. Due dates are a hoax! Sorry you are still waiting!!!

  5. Yea, unfortuntely, I was pretty damn disappointed when my due date came and went as well! Sending lots and lots of labor vibes to you! Hang in there, Mama!

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