Maternity pictures and such

38 weeks and then some. I am now 12 days away from my due date – holy smokes. I’m ready for baby to come and feel like I am losing some of my stress about how much needs to be done. It will either get done or not and that’s that. This is the first week since Lesley changed her schedule months ago that it will go according to plan and she’ll be home at noon Tuesday and Thursday – hopefully that means that things will keep moving along. I had a late client tonight who didn’t show up so while she is at hockey I am using my time updating my blog and then putting away laundry. Things will get done or they won’t. I’m working on accepting that.

Symptom wise things look like this: My foot swelling went down drastically so that’s a major plus. Heartburn, I was told, was supposed to go down and never did. I am quite uncomfortable. I have a lot of pain in my pelvis and have had a dull pain in the right side of it for the last couple of hours. About twice a day something happens where I say, “Oh, that hurts”. but nothing too consistent. When we saw our midwife last week she said that everything looks good to be any time now – baby is dropped and ready. I’d like to make it a bit closer to the end of the week but am ready to have this baby.

A friend took some maternity photos this weekend. She’s the same friend who did the pictures for twomamsonebaby. Here are some of my favorites. The belly one wasn’t from the photo shoot but she took it the day before when we were canning salsa. Here they are!


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  1. Oh good luck, I’m so excited for you! I had terrible heartburn leading up to and throughout my labor and the only thing that helped and didn’t make me throw up was baking soda in water. My midwives said it was just fine for me in the short term, you might check with yours 🙂

    • Good to know. I figure any pain now isn’t as bad as what’s to come so I should deal with it but heartburn during labor won’t work for me. 🙂 I’m excited that Darwin is here- hopefully we’ll be joining you shortly!

  2. The can/phone is such a cute idea!!

  3. Oh man, these pictures are adorbs!

  4. Yeah you sound like you are at the end now lol. Love the can picture. I found that coconut water helped more with the heartburn than antacids did. I sent the spouse out and she came home with a palate full of them. We took some to the hospital, but I didn’t end up needing them, but take whatever has been working for you b/c apparently it can get bad.

  5. Twelve days to go! 🙂

  6. Those are great pics! You guys look awesome! Can’t wait for this baby…any day now!

  7. Those pictures are beautiful! Are you going to have some of them framed in the nursery? I’m so excited for you that you are so close to meeting this new person of yours who’s been hiding out in your uterus for the past 9 months. Come out, baby! I mean, whenever you’re ready. 🙂

    As for heartburn… oh heartburn how I scowl at thee 😦 Mine was horrible. I don’t remember having it during labor though (whew). DW was lucky during her pregnancy and rarely got it – thankfully, since by then we had a toddlerbaby to care for. Here’s hoping yours fades as you arrive at The Big Day(s).

    • Oh I am ready for baby. 🙂 I had not thought about what to do with the pictures but we should probably hang some, eh?

      Good to know you didn’t have heartburn during labor! For some reason I had never considered having it during labor until these comments. I mean, duh, but glad to know it’s not a sealed deal!

  8. Love the belly photo, wish I had one like it. 🙂

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