A public service announcement

This is what 37 weeks looks like. Overnight I stopped fitting in my flip flops.



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  1. Elevate those legs! Get plenty of massages from your partner!! I had terrible swollen feet throughout my last half of pregnancy with my daughter, and I found icing them with one of those gel packs to be closer to heavenly. And soaking in a bucket of ice water! Hang in there!!

  2. Hehe, two weeks ago i noticed my birks were leaving little impressions on my feet. My lady has been making me cool foot soaks that feel heavenly!

  3. That looks painful! When you give birth (and it’s sooo soon, although it will probably feel like forever unfortunately) your swelling will go down pretty quickly. Day 1 postpartum I remember admiring my skinny ankles in the hospital bed.

  4. I referred to this stage as Swelly McCantelopefeet

  5. Oh jeez, that looks painful. I luckily didn’t ever swell up. I hope that baby comes out soonish and relieves you of all the miserable pregnancy woes.

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