I am officially 36 weeks pregnant. My due date is less than a month away and come Monday we’ll be in the month of my due date. Naturally, this is the perfect time to get a puppy.

Meet Beau.


He is 8 months old and the sweetest pooch you’ll ever meet. We met him last weekend at a potluck because an acquaintance there was fostering him. Lesley had seen him on this woman’s Facebook and was drawn to him. After seeing him laying calmly in his bed next to a buffet table we were sold.

He’s had a rough 8 months. He was in Texas where he was found with a broken pelvis after being hit by a car. Vet #1 suggested he be put down. Luckily, vet #2 believed it would heal itself as he was young and small. It’s been healing for about two months and while he sometimes has a little trouble getting up and has a limp, he’s doing great. He gets fixed on 10/8 so our plan is to keep having him take it easy until after that.

After being found he was in a foster in Texas, a home here briefly, a foster here for a few weeks, then home to us last night. He’s nervous but slowly warming up. One of our cats followed him around and hissed at him earlier which has stalled progress but he seems to trust us. He’s got a bed on the floor of our room next to Lesley’s side of the bed and nudged her with his nose last night when he needed to go out. For that reason alone he is a superstar.

No one is too sure what he is. Best guess is a Carolina Dog or some sort of descendent of a dingo. Maybe red heeler. He’s 25ish pounds and knee height. We just love him and hope he grows to love us. But mainly we hope he gets settled and comfortable before baby comes!


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  1. What a cute little boy!

  2. He’s adorable! He and your baby will grow up together!

  3. Thanks y’all. He is a beauty- now if only we could really convince him to like us…

  4. Look at that puppy! That face!!! I’m in love!!! 🙂

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