Braxton Hicks and an interesting prescription

Our midwife asked today if I had been having Braxton hicks contractions. I said no and her assistant asked if sometimes my belly got really hard. Yes, I said. Those are Braxton hicks. They said it was a good sign that I’m having but not feeling them. It’s weird to know that’s what is going on and without my hand on my belly I have no idea.

We asked today about how to prepare my body for birth. She said a lot of people believe that perineal massage will be very helpful but they don’t see much evidence that it makes any difference. The best way to prepare my body (and by body I mean vagina) for birth? Lots of sex.

That seems like a great prescription and normally it would be but I have not enjoyed sex at all during my pregnancy. I have no sex drive and when we do have sex I get frustrated because it goes no where for me. My poor darling is a bit frustrated with this.

So those are my marching orders. Kegels, drink lots of water, take many walks (did I mention it is 90 degrees and feels like I live on the surface of the sun?), and have lots of sex. Could be worse, right?


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  1. Do you have an exercise/birthing ball? That is good too. It helps with positioning and also hip pain. At the end I would bounce on the ball every night for 30 minutes. Another thing you could try is drinking red raspberry leaf tea, it helps tone the uterus to make contractions be more effective. I don’t know if these things helped me have an easy labor, but they didn’t hurt.

    • Thanks for the tips. It’s worth trying- I’m going to put the ball on my list. The good thing is that I should be getting a little more exercise so if nothing else the ball will help fulfill that need!

      • You can also use the ball during labor, so it’s a good purchase. I leaned over it on the hospital bed while standing, helped with the back pressure. Make sure you get a big one (look for exercise balls, they are cheaper than “birth balls” but the same thing)

      • Also great for soothing a fussy baby! I got way more use out of our exercise ball as a new mother than I ever did actually exercising.

  2. That sounds like a great Rx! And i totally understand you not having a sex drive. Forgive me for asking (TMI), but have you tried porn? It’s not for everyone, but it CAN get things percolating. Just a suggestion…And when my sister was 8-9 months pregnant in July and August, my dad would take her to the mall everyday and they would just do laps around because it was sweltering in NY at that time. My niece was born on a 105 degree day. Not sure how close you are to a mall, or some type of indoor space that you can do that in, but that might work too…

    • Neither of us are fans of porn so I don’t know that that would be much help. I’m prone to stress and the best turn on for me is being totally relaxed with nothing to do – not sure I’ll find that in the next 8 weeks 🙂 Mall walking is on my list!

  3. twomamasonebaby

    I looooove my birthing ball and highly recommend one. I really need to be exercising more, too. If you want to go walk around the mall sometime, just let me know. 😉

  4. Ha, love the prescriptions! Our midwife let us borrow her copy of Orgasmic Birth, saying that it can get the oxytocin flowing to watch other women give birth. We shall see!

  5. I did acupuncture from 36 weeks on. The results were that it didn’t work. So don’t bother with the acupuncture.

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