Our shower was last weekend and it was great. It was a small group of people – maybe 12 to 14 – and a short time period so those are both things that make it much nicer for me. Our friends did an amazing job decorating and planning activities that people could be involved in without playing games. We opened presents and got a ton of stuff off our registry – I’m starting to feel more and more ready for this baby to come (but not too soon!).

Our fancy cake!

Our fancy cake!

wishing tree of wishes for the babe.

wishing tree of wishes for the babe.

Us at the shower.

Us at the shower.

(Someday I will learn to do that fancy thing where you can put multiple pictures into one picture.)

My sister sent our cards to long distance family and friends and we got quite a few back. Her plan was to put them on a canvas to hang in the nursery which we did not love. After many attempts at gentle steering she realized a book might be better to preserve them long term. It was a mixed bag of results – most of our friends sent theirs back, some family, some family friends. Overall, it accomplished what we wanted – to feel connected to folks far away. The bad news is that when my sister flew home (with our cards to put them into a book) she stopped in San Francisco to meet someone for a drink. While there her car was broken into. They took both of her bags which contained her stuff from the weekend, her computer, and all our cards.

Overall it was a nice weekend. My sister is a bit of a difficult person so it was hard to have her here when while I am sure she is happy for us, she’s unhappy with her life and that emotion is the more prominent one. It is what it is -it’s just that what it is is sometimes tiring.

We’ve reached this magical point now with no deadlines. We have much to do, yes, but can move at our own pace and get ready for baby. My sister is coming back, with my brother and his two boys (4 and 2) to stay with us for a long weekend when I am 37 weeks pregnant. I’m sure I’ll be stressed closer to that date but now, in the 90 degree weather, all I have to do is come home from work, take my clothes off, and sit in front of a fan.


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  1. I initially read too fast and read “Shower..last weekend..was great.. a small group of people” lol I wasn’t thinking baby shower. Sounds like a great weekend! love the cake!

  2. That cake is wonderful!

  3. You look so cute! Getting closer! Entertaining family at 37 weeks though? All I have to say is good luck lol.

    • I know. Not my idea. They are coming for a football game and I’m going to watch my nephews while everyone goes to the game. We haven’t seen our nephews in two years which is the only reason I am agreeing to this!

  4. Look at how adorable you look! The pics are awesome…that wishing tree looks fantastic, and that cake is everything! The weeks are winding down! Are you guys super excited!?!?! And your nephews will be great practice, but i feel a really interesting blog post coming after that! lol!

  5. Love the shower stuff! So sorry about the cards though, that sucks! I know about difficult sisters, hang in there, you are coming to the end, can’t wait to meet the little soon!

  6. Ahhhhh that wishing tree! I am so stealing that for our shower!

  7. Love the cake! Bummer about the cards though 😦

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