30 weeks

I am now 30 weeks pregnant and feeling good. I woke up screaming with my first pregnancy charley house yesterday but overall things are good.

I’m starting to get a bit anxious about what’s to come. We haven’t started discussing birth with the midwife but I assume that is coming up in our next few visits. We went through all of our baby clothes and made a list of what we had this week. Lesley printed off a list she found online of how much of what we need and we are using those two to make a list of what we still need. Our baby shower is next week and we are looking forward to that. I never learned what my sister sent out to long distance folks but besides our moms no one long distance has bought us anything for the baby. We expect to buy most of our registry which is just fine but are going to wait until 30 days before our due date to get things at a discount. Lesley thinks most family members will buy us something after the baby is born which is nice but leads to us not really getting the stuff we need. It is what it is.

I’ve realized in the past few days my biggest pet peeve about pregnancy. It’s folks saying things like “baby’s first _____!” when I do things. Last night we went to see the symphony at a park in town. We ran into some friends there and one said to me as we were leaving, “Steakums firsts cannons!” because there were cannons during the 1812 overture. This has become common for folks and makes me a bit crazy. First, steakums isn’t here and a human being yet. While this is a distinction that most people don’t make (and often, we do not make) I feel it is an important one for me to remember. It makes me feel very awkward when people personify our little fetus. Sure, we do it (how could we not!?) but what I do when talking to my partner is not what I want other people to do. Ultimately, if something happened today and we were taken to the hospital and I had to choose between my life and steakums I would choose me. I get that maybe this sounds bad but it’s just getting a bit hard for me. It’s a little thing, really, but being pregnant and pro choice gets a bit awkward.

The other reason this annoys me is because someday our child will experience these firsts. Their first symphony performance, their first baseball game, their first fourth of July. I don’t want to take away from those experiences. We can’t wait for this baby to arrive – we can’t wait to be parents. But, for now, let us just enjoy being here now.

Enjoying the symphony.

Enjoying the symphony.


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  1. Ooo, I sympathize on the charley horse. I had one a few weeks ago that left my leg aching all day. At a friend’s recommendation I started taking magnesium/calcium supplements and that either helped, or was a coincidence that they stopped.
    On the registry/shower stuff, I’ve decided to write a post in a few months about the most helpful things before/during/after pregnancy. I never realized how frustrating it would be for up-and-coming parents to receive *more* clothes that will last maybe a month, and that weren’t on the registry! Fingers crossed that folks are just waiting until your shower to help out with the stuff you requested.

  2. With advance apologies for unsolicited advice and “let’s talk about me!” threadjacking, here’s my take on your second paragraph.

    Lesley’s prediction proved true in our family–SO many people sent gifts post-birth. A big part of that in our situation was the fact that we didn’t tell people the sex of the baby in advance and people (older relatives in particular) were dead set on getting us pink or blue and refused to even consider the gender-neutral options on our registry. Also, people like sending clothes and toys rather than things we needed simply because they are more fun to pick out and/or feel more “gifty” than bare necessities.

    However, on the what-you-need/registry note and without having seen yours, I don’t necessarily recommend buying out one’s own registry pre-baby. Many things that seem essential in advance turn out not to be, or the baby doesn’t take to that particular model/brand/whatever. Or you can get a barely used version from local parents for much, much cheaper than overpriced stores. But of course I have no idea what your registry looks like or what kind of access you have to gear exchanges in your area, so take all this with a grain of salt. And, I hasten to add, after reading your follow-up post, I get that it’s less about the stuff than the support. I am SURE people will come through for you. Babies make the best diplomats!

  3. I’m going to second buying this used! Most of what we have is hand me downs and you can’t tell it’s even been used. I had a hard time registering for things that I knew I could get so much cheaper.

    On another note, the charley horses are awful and I feel for you. Bananas seemed to help me.

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