And then there were two.

On Wednesday night our roommate, K, unceremoniously moved out. She had been home in Canada for the past three weeks, came back Monday, and moved out Wednesday. We knew this was the plan but it was still strange to come home from work and have her room be empty.

Lesley and I have been together for 7 years and 51 weeks and lived alone for maybe 2.5 years of that. The first year we dated we lived apart with roommates. Then we moved into our first rental together. Shortly after that a friend got into a relationship, moved to our town from an hour away to be with her new lady, and then they promptly broke up. We took her and her try-to-save-the-relationship dog in and they lived with us until we left Michigan. When we moved to Oregon we rented an apartment for two years where we lived alone. Then we moved into a house with a friend so we could have more space but keep our rent low while saving to buy. Our friend moved in with her boyfriend after a year and we put out a craigslist ad and found K. We lived with her for 9 months in that house and then bought ours and offered to let her come along.

She knew we were planning on having a baby and when we were trying to get pregnant. After we found out I was we gave her the option to stay. Turns out PhD students with insomnia aren’t too eager to live with a newborn.

I wasn’t home when she left but Lesley was. She said it was sad and she wanted to give K a hug but she had never intentionally touched her so she felt like that would be weird to do now. We saw K last night and will see her Saturday. We’ve talked about doing once weekly dinners.

This has been a huge sign that this baby thing is happening. We bought a crib and dresser months ago and yesterday picked it up from our friend’s garage and moved it into the room. I plan to wash the floors this weekend and then lay the rug down and put the chair together. Lesley will assemble the crib and we’ll get paint for the birch trees that will stand in the corner. At some point, she’ll build the table that will sit next to the chair and make the mobile. Next month I’ll start washing and putting away clothes and diapers.

In 78 days, give or take, our newest and longest staying roommate will arrive. Roommate 1 would come home from the bar at 2 am and play bongos with her friends. Roommate 2 was pretty messy. Roommate 3 left coffee grounds all over the counter. I don’t know what this new one will be like and it will certainly be a combination of everything that annoyed us about the last three. It will be needy and loud and won’t pay rent. But I think like our last three roommate, we’ll love them anyway.


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  1. We’re lucky to have two decent roommates now. We’ve only really ever had one really bad one (he mostly lacked life-skills).

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