A collection of updates

I’ve been trying to think of what to say and what I really have to update. I have a few posts started in my head but none of them seem to go anywhere. Instead, I’ll give you all the little bits now.
1) The standard update. I am in the third trimester – 28 weeks and 3 days. The chance of this little mover and shaker staying in until September 27th seems impossible to me. Babe moves ALL THE TIME and it’s fun to watch and amazing when I take the time to really stop and think about it. I feel like they are going to come bursting out any minute. We were awake this morning at 4:30 (CATS!) and babe was all over. Lesley put her arm around me and felt them kicking and rolling and said, “No, steakums, it’s not time to come out yet”. This is something we tell them pretty regularly.
We had a midwife appointment this morning and everything was good. Belly measuring great and while she had trouble figuring out where steakums is laying she thinks they are head down which is a good thing. My stomach is tight full of baby which of course makes me believe that at least 10 of the 16 pounds I gained are hanging out in my ass, thighs, and gigantic, uncomfortable boobs. I did three days of fasting and tracking my blood sugar instead of drinking the gross drink to test for gestational diabetes. Everything looked great. My back and feet hurt at night, pelvis is stiff in the morning. Per usual, the midwife backed up what Lesley has been telling me – stretch move before bed.
Here is a picture from 27 weeks. I try to take pictures of myself but they are never flattering so here is what you get.

2) I’ve been feeling very homesick. Having a baby away from your whole family is hard. We have good friends here and I am thankful for that but it’s not the same. We know we want to be here and that’s not going to change – but it’s hard. We have our baby shower coming up on the 28th. It now feels silly to do without my mom here. My sister sent a card to get well wishes from family and friends out of town and has received a good response – hopefully that helps me not feel sad on the day of. Does it ever get easier – having a baby while living far away from family?

3) Last week after my yoga class a bunch of the women were going to get lunch together. I declined as I didn’t have my wallet and had a lot to do at home. But also I feel guilty doing pregnant lady things without Lesley. She thinks this is silly and thinks I should for sure go next time. I am just so hesitant to designate myself as “the mom” when she is “the mom”, too. I want her to be as involved as possible, and she is, but I worry about doing anything to exclude her. She, of course, does not worry about this at all. I’m so eager to get this baby out of me so our playing field is a bit more level.

4) Our roommate moves out this week and we can actually get started on the nursery. We made a huge trip to ikea to get stuff to redo our spare room with will become a guest room/office/play room/craft room. We still have one wall of stuff to complete once the roommate is gone but the big work is done. I’m eager to have the rest of our house in order, too.

5) It’s really hot here. Being pregnant in the summer is dumb.


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  1. rubisco! I’ve been wondering about y’all but can’t figure out how to follow your stuff. I am going to try to get Lesley to figure it out for me tonight.

  2. Heh. My mother, in all our time together, has given me but one piece of pregnancy advice ever. It was to never be in one’s third trimester during the dog days of summer. I think she spoke wisely.

  3. Nice bump! Congrats on entering the 3rd trimester; it’s a good trimester, but feels soooo long!

  4. I can totally and completely relate to the family thing. It sucks SO MUCH being away from your family when you have a little one. For me, it just gets worse and worse and my guilt gets much bigger too, as Evelyn misses her grandparents when they leave after a short visit.

    BUT there is Skype, letters, Facetime, and texting that helps bridge the gap. Imagine living far away from family without all of these modern conveniences! So at least we have that.

    You look amazing, by the way. Cutest pregnant belly!

    • I know we’ll make it work and I’m so thankful for technology! It’s just so hard some days.

      Thanks for the nice compliment. When I describe how I look it is usually “like a goon”. πŸ™‚

  5. Yeah, that’s why I’m leaning towards trying again sooner as opposed to later. I don’t want to be 40 weeks in August.

  6. Ooooh. #2. I have been there. My family is only three hours away, but it feels like a lifetime. Having a baby away from my family has been tough – especially since my sister and brother have kids – so it sucks she can’t play with those cousins as often as I would like. Totally get ya!

  7. September babies are the best, but I agree about not wanting to be in the 3rd trimester in summer. If I hadn’t gotten pregnant with Alice the cycle I did, we were going to wait 6 months before trying again, just to avoid that time.

    • I keep telling myself that it’s probably better that I am hot than we have an infant that is hot and I am worried. At least by the time it’s this hot next year I will (hopefully) not feel constant panic as a parent that I expect to feel in the first few months.

  8. You look great! I hope you get some cooler weather soon.

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