Lesley and I decided before we started trying to have a baby that when baby came she would quit one of her part time jobs and be home part time. She works as an office manager for two different non profit’s (because that’s what you do with a master’s degree in historic preservation) and likes one more than the other. She would quit the less liked one and our friends would do part time childcare and the rest of the time she’d be home keeping our house in order and playing with the baby and making me food.

I have great respect for working families and by no means thought that us both working full time would damage our child. But I also think there is no point in paying someone else to watch your kiddo to work a job you don’t love.

So fast forward to the here and now. Lesley interviewed for a job at our public library in October (before we were pregnant). This past month they have been having her submit background check forms, take a physical (which involved opening and closing a DVD case 20 times in a row), and calling her references. We knew a job offer was coming, we knew it’d be part time, but we didn’t know what that meant.

So now at 6 months pregnant our plans have changed. She got 4 different schedules to choose from this morning and after much conversation and only a little convincing on my part she picked the schedule I like best. So instead of losing hours at one job, she’ll now be working forty hours a week. The job involves a little weekend work (8-1 on Sunday, not bad) so we still don’t quite hit full time childcare but come in, with commute time, at 37.5 hours.Β 

The best laid plans, right? I am not one for change but because we’ve had much anticipation for this (and the schedule is MUCH better than we expected) I am pleased with this idea. I suppose this is thing number 1 in a long list of parenting decisions that did not go as planned.Β 


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  1. Was that seriously the physical at the library? That made me giggle!

    Congrats to Lesley on the new job!

  2. Congrats to Lesley! πŸ™‚ Library jobs are hard to come by from what I’ve heard.

  3. twomamasonebaby

    Congrats, Lesley! The DVD case thing made me LOL.

  4. Yes indeed, the first in a very long line! πŸ™‚ Congrats to you both on figuring out what works best for your family!

  5. Congrats! πŸ™‚

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