I am halfway between 24 and 25 weeks pregnant and surprisingly, feel calm.

Overall things are good. My sister pulled her stuff together and is working on getting invites out for the long distance aspect of our baby shower. This was a stressful process with long debates about wording and whether or not to put any registry information on the card. I sent her a draft of wording and she plans to edit it a bit from there and get them sent. I have about a week before I need to bug her about getting this done. We have an invite list made for our actual physical shower and I just need to gather addresses. Once I pass those off things are pretty much out of my hands. This has for some reason been the most stressful part. Probably because I don’t trust other people to do things the way I want them done.

We had a midwife appointment this morning which went great. I am feeling good (for the most part) and babe is doing great. The heartbeat this morning was 140 which annoys me because I am trying to use heartbeat as my gender guesser and it always hangs out right there in an unpredictable spot. Maybe this is a sign that I should not guess. There are other methods, like dangling a ring on a string above your belly and seeing which way it rotates, but that sounds like voodoo witchcraft to me.

We’ve really kicked preparing for baby into high gear. We have all the furniture for the nursery and our roommate is moving out in mid July so we can get things set up. We’re ready to put things together and not have stuff shoved in closets, boxes under the bed, and a friend’s garage. We bought a car seat from good friends of ours and after Walter decided to nap in it I disassembled it, washed everything, and putting it somewhere he can’t reach.

Walter's new favorite bed.

Walter’s new favorite bed.

We met with a pediatrician yesterday and upon liking her just fine (and digging her strong Jersey accent) we decided we’ll use her. We talked with our midwife this morning about childbirth classes and decided that we’re not going to do them. I feel remarkably calm about the idea of actually birthing a baby which is surprising from someone with a touch of anxiety and little pain tolerance. I feel like we’re getting closer and closer to the end of September and as steakums flutters around all day I am overwhelmed with excitement and able to let go of so much worry. This isn’t how I expected to feel but I am sure glad it’s where I am at (for now, anyway).


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  1. Wow you are as prepared at 25 weeks as I am at 35 weeks. Overachievers! I took a childbirth class and it was helpful to learn about the stages of labor and have the spouse practice counter pressure techniques, but I’m sure you can look that all up online on your own without attending a class. We are also taking a comfort measures class through my doula which is focused on natural pain relief techniques for labor, I’m definitely looking more forward to that after the childbirth class.

    • We talked about the pros and cons with a childbirth class and while I do think it would be helpful I think it would just make me feel anxious. I 100% trust my midwife and know in the coming weeks we’ll be talking more about the birth. The comfort measures class sounds awesome though!

      • The childbirth class did make me anxious, but I’ve been doing some hack exposure therapy on myself because reading/thinking about birth was making my anxious in general. So the more I’ve read and learned, the less anxious I’ve become. Lots of positive affirmations, visualizations and deep breathing have helped too. Basically everything in my therapist toolbox. That’s great you have an awesome midwife to support you.

  2. I think I had that same car seat. It was a good one!

  3. Walter in the car seat made me smile. 🙂

  4. We did the ring string thing after our friends found out they were having a girl, hers said girl and mine said boy. We’ll see. My mom and sister are so convinced it’s a boy they have started referring to it as he. It sounds like you guys are doing great, we just barely got a car seat and picked a pediatrician. We are super procrastinators over here. Did I mention the crib isn’t put together yet and hospital bags aren’t packed.

    • I’m curious if the ring thing works for you! Do you two have a feeling either way?
      We wouldn’t be so on top of things if our friends weren’t trying to get their car seat out of the garage and willing to sell it to us for less than 1/4 the retail price and we only talked to one pediatrician so there wasn’t a whole ton of picking to do. 🙂 There’s nothing wrong with packing the hospital bags while in labor.

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