Best part

I forgot to tell you the best part of our trip and it deserves it’s own post.

My aunt asked me if I planned to eat my uterus after the baby is born.


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  1. I hope not. Did she mean placenta?

      • The idea of someone ripping their uterus out after giving birth and eating it… it makes me think that person only wants to have one child, and will go to an extreme for that.
        I think eating the placenta is normal in some cultures. It’s not in my background but I’ve heard of someone’s wife who did that.

  2. amazing! so amazonian!!

  3. twomamasonebaby

    I laughed so hard, I cried.

  4. chickletsmums

    Mmmm, please do, sounds delicious 😉

  5. Ah!! Hilarious! LOL.

  6. You should have said you were going to send our samples to family for christmas presents 🙂

  7. AHAHAH! I hope you said yes!!

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