Vacation calm

Things with the midwife went great last week. I talked to her about how I’ve been feeling and she suggested I’m not eating enough. It’s a reasonable assumption because of the timing of the incidents and my propensity to get hangry when not pregnant. I’ve been trying to watch it and ward off any hunger and have had less crazy episodes. Lesley asked about me taking rescue remedy, a natural anti anxiety, and she said to go for it. I have it ready to go but have not yet needed it.

Vacations to Michigan are always busy for us as we have many places to be but that’s life. I’m curled up at my mom’s for an afternoon nap and am pleased with that. We’re slowly crossing people to see off our list but I wish we had more time to spend everywhere. It is what it is.

We talked with our choices to take our kiddo in case we die and option 1 is thinking about it (as we asked them to) and the person we want as our back up is all in. It’s a weird thing- trying to decide who you want to raise your child if you die.

Steakums is moving quite a bit but not being cooperative enough to kick my mom which is killing her. Hopefully we can get a good one in still.

My best news is last: one of my best friends got her bfp today after almost a year of trying! More on that when the time is right. 🙂


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  1. Alice is going to be three and we still haven’t decided who will take her if we both die. The good news it that now that we are almost divorced it’s unlikely we will both die in a car or plane accident together so it feels less urgent.

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