The right car

There is a song I love by Catie Curtis called Magnolia Street. (You can start counting the huge lesbian references in this post now. This is number 1.) It’s a beautiful love song that basically talks about falling in love swiftly and knowing it is right. There a line in it that says, “I’m in the right car”. That line keeps repeating in my head.

This is not a love story although someday you’ll hear the amazing one I have that involves Lake Michigan beaches, talks about public transportation, a twix bar, and homemade roses. But that is not today’s story.

While ttc we always talked about why that month was the right month. Whether it was when we’d tell people or when the baby would be born. Each month was devastating, especially when we passed the point where we could announce to our parents for Christmas. Every month was the right month.

But now that we’re here I’m so happy with how the timing worked out. The schedule was released today for the Little League Softball World Series. This is less than two hours from us and we love going (2). It will be six weeks prior to my due date so we’re hoping things are going to go well enough that we can take one last weekend getaway. We decided to spend too much money to go see Joan Baez and the Indigo Girls (3) this summer since who knows when we’ll get to go to a concert again. We have camping trips planned around things we’ve wanted to do but have not yet done. We get to go to Michigan and see our families in two weeks and get to be there as our best friend’s daughter turns two. We have a summer list that we have this last little bit of time to do as two before becoming three.

I told Lesley today that this fetus knows we needed that. We’re summer people and need this summer to be the calm before the storm. We need to love each other and see the ocean and hike in the woods. We need to kayak at our favorite spots and lay in our hammock and enjoy summer nights. And this little being knew that. The plan was out of my control and I gave up on getting pregnant at the right time but I had no idea the right time was coming. But here we are – in the right car.


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  1. twomamasonebaby

    I love this post. We were talking last night about how well the timing has worked out for us as well, especially financially. I was so anxious and eager to become pregnant on a certain timeline and isn’t it funny how the one we’re currently on far surpasses any ideal I had in my head. I’m so glad you and Lesley will get to have such an awesome summer before your baby joins you. Let’s catch from Ems games this summer, eh??

  2. I felt the same way about Alice being born in June. I always said I didn’t want a summer baby, and if I didn’t get pregnant that cycle we were going to stop trying for a few months and resume again later. She ended up being born on summer solstice and it is perfect.

  3. I love the message of this post. Things will work out when they work out and it will be good. My cousin shared a meme that describes his life as not going as he planned but it being good.

  4. I must admit I’m a little jealous…we wanted a summer baby and are getting one. It wasn’t until much later that I realized all the things we’d miss out on. My wife is depressed that camping is likely out of the question this year. I’m pretty bummed too. I’m glad you both get to enjoy all the awesomeness mentioned above. Sometimes I think I’m crazy for planning boating trips and concerts when I’ll be 8/9 months pregnant, but the summer really is the best.

    • You’ve got to do those things! We’re trying hard not to make plans that can’t be canceled after August 1 (due 9/27) but I’m hoping that means I feel great and we have no commitments and can do whatever we want. 🙂

  5. Since we just celebrated our 11th year anniversary – I’m glad that I put this song in Spotify. I love this!

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