Friday updates

Turns out I can not update my blog in anything other than small bursts. There’s not much going on over here so I’ll give you a few things:

1) I’m getting huge. I should now post a picture but I am so bad at taking them so I will have Lesley take one and post one soon.

2) At 18 weeks baby hates it when I bend over. Rad, that should make the next 22 weeks cool.

3) I’m feeling baby move a lot which is both cool and weird. I’m excited for it to be a bit more consistent. I hurt as I expand and am starting to getting pretty uncomfortable.

4) 2 weeks away from 20 week ultrasound. I’m excited to see everything is going good and won’t be too upset if we accidently find out the sex of the baby. 🙂

5) This is probably my best update: There is only one week left in hockey season. That means that soon Lesley will not be gone for big chunks of time four days a week and I will feel like we can get stuff done. AND all hockey gear will be washed and moved to the shed so we can have our craft table back and she can start baby projects.

6) I found this today which makes all the ttc and pregnancy pains and hopefully childbirth seem totally worth it.


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  1. That diaper is incredible. Good find. Although my little one could for sure not drag it around. He couldn’t seem to figure out walking when there were bunny ears on his head.

    Once the babe moves up/around a bit you should have more luck with bending over. Things go through phases of seeming impossible and then like there is no issue. Every time something happens I feel like I’m stuck with it until the end of the pregnancy but often it goes away after a week or two.

  2. omg! That diaper cover is the best thing I’ve seen all day. 🙂

  3. Shut up! That diaper cover is amazing.

  4. Diaper tail…I love it.

  5. I have learned that bending is the worst! I really have to ask myself if whatever I dropped is really worth it. Most times, it’s not.

  6. Holy crap! I don’t use cloth diapers and we are totally on pull ups right now,but I would FOR SURE slip that diaper on Punky no questions asked. That’s absolutely the most rad thing I’ve seen in forever. Can you imaging a little green tail sticking out under her nightgown or dress!? I CAN!

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