Midwife appointment

We had a midwife appointment this morning which was a huge relief because out last appointment was at 11 weeks 4 days and I will be 17 weeks tomorrow. It was a LONG gap that was making me anxious. Here are the highlights:

1) Babe’s heartbeat was at 156 and moving all over the place. My uterus is in the right spot and she could feel someone in there (WEIRD).

2) While measuring babe’s heartbeat we had to stop and start over because Lesley and I were laughing so hard about how intense it is and that it sounds like it is going to come right out of my body.

3) She said I can eat any kind of egg I want! When I told her how much I hate them because I only eat scrambled eggs (and it takes me 15 minutes to eat one scrambled egg) she asked why. I told her everything we read said all eggs need to be fully cooked. Her response was, “Oh fuck that”. I’m going to really enjoy my over easy eggs in the morning.

4) Lesley ratted me out for how much I worry. She confirmed what I was holding onto – that at this point if something went wrong I would know immediately. My biggest fear is losing the pregnancy now and not finding out for another few weeks. This does not need to be a fear at this point.

5) We scheduled a 20 week ultrasound for 5/9 to make sure everything is looking good.

6) She said I don’t need to be concerned about how much my 19 pound cat likes to lay DIRECTLY on my uterus.

7) (The big one.) She asked if I was feeling the baby move. I said no and said that sometimes when I lay down I feel two or three little pops when laying still and that was weird but nothing from the baby. She laughed at me. That’s the baby.


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  1. twomamasonebaby

    All good stuff! Yay!!

  2. Great news all around! I’ve been eating over easy eggs the whole pregnancy, it’s totally fine, especially if you trust the source. I’m pretty sure my dad’s chicken’s don’t have salmonella.

  3. If you want to be super cautious, just wash the outside of the egg before cracking it. Salmonella is really never on the inside of the egg but can sometimes be found on the outside and contaminate it during the cracking process. Salmonella is like non-O157 E.coli is to humans for chickens, it’s naturally part of their gut bacteria and normally isn’t pathogenic to the chicken but causes food poisoning in humans.

  4. I love over easy eggs too! That all sounds great and my 18lb cat liked to lie on my uterus too lol

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