I feel overwhelmed by the stuff we don’t know. Neither of us have really taken care of a newborn before and it seems confusing. So while Lesley makes an attempt and making our own cloth diapers I am going to make a resource binder to help us out. From our conversation today about the binder it seems we might need it…



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  1. Eh, pee is sterile…engineer the diaper just right and one good urination will clean it right up, no bathtub necessary!

  2. I had figured if I got one I’d end up just asking the doctor when it arrived. “So, what’s the aftercare for this doc?”

  3. We had a foster baby last year and I called my mom in a panic about the “how often to wash her” question. Her answer was “…when she’s dirty.” If common sense has the answers maybe there’s hope for us all!

  4. Sometimes blissful ignorance is really ok…especially when Common Sense can handle the rest. But, rest assured there abounds many a parent with his/her own opinion on what is the right or wrong answer to all of your “keeping this thing alive, how?” questions.

    We’ve relied mostly on Common Sense and the inter webs.

    (Kudos for making your own cloth diapers. My mother-in-law crafted most of ours. A whole lot of trial and error with designs. And Google-ing. Good luck!)

  5. Mama instinct kicks in and you’ll know what to do!

  6. I’ve actually found that we bath our girl every night. It’s more a part of our bedtime routine than about cleaning her. I think it helps her sleep better at night. Just our experience, but I really don’t think it matters all that much as long as it’s regular ish. Also, you’ll know when to bath them because they will smell 🙂

  7. Just ask us all your silly questions! I had never taken care of a baby younger than 3 months so I was pretty scared of the newborn thing.

    I bathed Wallace, with only water for a while, and then with Kirk’s Castile bar soap. It started out maybe once a week and now I am for 2-3 times a week. I really try to keep the chemicals on him to a minimum so I still use Kirk’s and he gets lotioned up with coconut oil and Shea butter. Wherever baby will be born, bring coconut oil! Slather it on after every diaper change and it will make the meconium easier to clean off.

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