Some updates

1) Today is my first day wearing maternity pants. They are too big but a nice change from wearing clothes that are too small. I bought these at the thrift store but have some new ones coming in the mail today that I hope fit a little better.

2) I still don’t think I am really showing. I can tell but other’s can’t which is making me a bit self conscious.

3) I don’t know if I have gained any weight because we don’t own a scale. I will admit I am pretty curious about this.

4) We are in a five week stretch without a midwife appointment. This is the longest we will go and it was just a weird timing issue. We did borrow a fetal Doppler from our friends and heard the heartbeat for a little extra reassurance. It is always hard to find and we can’t manage to hold it for long so I am really eager for our next appointment on the 19th.

5) I have started to get pretty hungry but hate the way I feel when I eat candy. Not enough to remember before hand that I shouldn’t eat candy but enough to not make it really worth it if I can remind myself. I dislike that as I like candy.

6) I have lost all ability to control my emotions. I’ve been crying regularly about my dad and sister visiting this weekend, the potential baby shower, and just now spent my lunch break crying about our trip to Michigan in May and how our plans switched around and now we’ll need to pay $400 to rent a car for a few days. I do not want to talk to anyone and just want to lay on the couch with no one around and my house clean.

7) I was feeling more positive about pregnancy and enjoying it more but the emotion thing is taking a toll on me. After freaking out on Lesley Monday night we called in sick yesterday and some things done. This helped mildly.

8) As an added bonus, being stressed about the things mentioned in #6 means I am sleeping terribly.

9) Never plan trips, visitors, or talk to anyone while you are pregnant.  


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  1. twomamasonebaby

    #9 is pretty true. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time with the emotional aspect of pregnancy. It gets better, but not much – I had a crying fit on Sunday, as a matter of fact. I hope you’re feeling better soon. ❤

  2. This is all so familiar. Hang in there!

  3. #9 cracked me up. I’ve been sleeping pretty terribly the whole time. It gets better right? Maybe in like 2 years? haha

    • I figure by the time the kid turns one I’ll be confident that I’m not going to accidentally kill it and get some good sleep. Also, i tried to convince Lesley to let me keep a bucket in our room I could pee in at night and that was a huge NO.

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