I feel like we’re in a bit of a holding pattern- just waiting for what’s next. We’ve bought some things for the baby but want to hold off on buying anything more until after a shower. We have very minimalist views about baby stuff and because of that have very small registries and I have a very big family. There’s no point in buying anything else now. I’m eager to decorate baby’s room but we have a renter and I want that income as long as possible so we likely won’t be decorating it until after the baby is here. There’s not much to do yet to prepare.

I can tell I am pregnant but don’t feel I look it. I got a box of maternity shirts in the mail from my mom so wore one today and took a picture for her this morning.


I’m ready for my belly to pop and at 12 weeks 2 days I’m hoping it’s soon. It’s funny- I really don’t have body image issues but have developed a fear I won’t be “cute” pregnant. I’m eager for it to be noticeable as my hormones are making me self conscious – a feeling I very much dislike.

I bought a belly band yesterday to
Hold my pants up without buttoning them and am in love. It’s pretty much just spanx for pregnant women that makes all pants yoga pants. What a great invention.

I feel like there’s so much we should be doing and like there is nothing to do but wait. How do I even begin to prepare for what is next when I have no idea what the future will really be like?


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  1. You ARE a cute pregnant lady (even though you don’t look pg yet). Sounds like you’re doing all the preparing you can do. Babies don’t need much besides love, milk and diaper changes for the first little while, anyway.

  2. Go see movies and go out to eat as much as you can. All that becomes harder to do once you have a baby/toddler/child. Not impossible, just harder.

  3. How wonderful to come across another couple getting ready to have a baby! If it makes you feel better, we didn’t decorate a nursery, one of the things I thought for sure I would regret at the time. Now, Punky is 2 years old and we got around to decorating her room about 3-4 months ago. And, Lindsay’s right about the stuff, you don’t need stuff. You need food, diapers, a good trashcan, and a LOT of receiving blankets(they really are the best invention for multiple functions). Glad I came across this, I hope to follow your journey til your lil bit is here!

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