Truth comes out

I’ve heard women talk about how they love being pregnant. I used to be in awe of them – what a beautiful time and to be able to do it with such grace and ease? Amazing.

Now I know they are all liars.

When we were trying to get pregnant I swore I would have no complaints about being pregnant. We tried so hard and wanted this so bad and I would be grateful and enjoy the good and bad.

I, too, am a liar.

I hate being pregnant. I hate being so tired all the time. I hate crying once a day, normally because of something absurd (like Lesley giving me a “mean” look). I hate not sleeping well. I hate monitoring what I eat and drink to make sure I am getting enough. I hate how I feel when I don’t eat enough. I hate being super hungry and then eating three bites of something and never wanting to eat again.

I’ve had it pretty easy. No major sickness. No major problems. But I just hate it. I’m so happy that we are “one and done” and I don’t have to do this again.

I know it will all be worth it and sometimes I am thankful that the general crummy feeling is a sign things are still going well. I’m lucky to have Lesley who is so good to me and packs me snacks for work and makes all my food and has no complaints about how unhelpful I am and my constant whining. It could be worse, right?

We have a midwife appointment Monday and hope to hear the heartbeat. If we do, we’re announcing on facebook. Lesley jokes that everyone already knows but there are a few out there who don’t. I’ll be 11 weeks and 2 days. I’ve been thinking about how to announce. I hate most picture announcements, I don’t really want to focus on the fact that I am pregnant as WE are having a baby and just because it isn’t Lesley’s uterus does not (in my opinion) make her a lesser part of this, and I go back and forth about acknowledging that I know there are many women who are struggling to get pregnant and while we share our happy news our hearts are with them, too. So friends, how did you/how do you plan to announce your pregnancy on the book of face?


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  1. I hated being pregnant, too. It sucked. The only redeeming part was feeling the baby kick and getting to know her personality. Fortunately, it’s all temporary! (But slowwwww).

  2. As far as my announcement, a friend of mine drew a stick figure with a pregnant belly and a stick baby in the belly. She wrote my name under it. I posted that to Facebook and that’s how I “came out” of the pregnant closet.

  3. I’ve heard the first trimester sucks, and that the second is manageable. I’m still working on trimester -1, so, I don’t have anything useful to say. 🙂 My wife and I will probably post a picture of the ultrasound or something.

  4. We posted a picture of us in front of babies r us. Super cheese, I know.
    I haven’t had the best pregnancy either. Its one issue or another all the time. 2nd trimester has been okay, but not without issue for sure. I agree that all those who love pregnancy or claim to glow or whatever are full of shit. Probably literally.

  5. Uugggghhh I hated being pregnant! Those women that say they love it…I’m not buying it. Worth it in the end though! 🙂

  6. Yep, I hated being pregnant, and I swore I wouldn’t complain about it. Haha! NOPE. I did try to contain my complaining. If only people knew how much I WOULD have complained if I wasn’t trying to lock it up. Hang in there!

  7. I didn’t have an easy go of it either. I don’t think I hated it but it was really hard on my body. I do kind of miss it a little – all that hopeful expectation.

    I announced on Facebook by restarting my account (if been gone from it for a good few months), and making my picture the ultrasound and a status pointing at it.

    I saw a funny one once that was the person holding a jar of Prego pasta sauce.

  8. Okay, I do love being pregnant but that being said I still have some complaints. It’s way easier on some people than it is on others. I’m 6′ tall with a long abdomen, the babe has plenty of room to grow without impacting me a terrible amount until closer to the end. I hate being tired and feeling like I’m missing out on things and I’m not proud of my short temper but I would be pregnant forever if it wasn’t me that had to raise all those babies. I’d chose being pregnant over getting my period any day of the week.
    I’m just saying that while it may feel like those women are lying, it’s just different for them and that doesn’t take anything away from your unpleasant experience.
    As far as the announcement, we waited until we knew the sex both times. Most people on my FB are from home or college and I don’t see them often, I found it easier to stay not pregnant in their eyes until further along. I too tried to find a way to acknowledge the struggle of infertility and challenges of getting pregnant but it was just not something I could figure out a way to say appropriately.

  9. I’ve too wondered how anyone could LOVE it. I have had it super easy, but I still don’t really like it. I miss beer, being able to sleep on my stomach, all the digestive issues, and not feeling like I am going to explode any moment. I do like feeling the baby move though. As for announcing, we did a picture…I don’t know if I put it on my blog or not. If not, I will.

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