11 Things

So after reading some other blogger’s 11 Things list I decided to create my own. Most people who follow me don’t know me so I look at this as a chance to do something more personal/not baby related. So here are my things:

1) I have six tattoos. My first was a moon with a star going around it on my back, then a woman symbol with the word “revolution” running through it on my arm, then the words “love” and “compliance” on my wrists (a- I count those as two. b- mad bonus points to you if you can name that song.), a dwarf lake iris (state wildflower of Michigan) on my shoulder and a lid that says “has a lid” on my thigh. Lesley has the pot that matches the lid and the words “every pot” on hers. It’s our big saying – every pot has a lid. Three of my tattoos were done in someone’s basement.

2) I went to Catholic school from k-8. My mom went to the same catholic school as a child. While I don’t believe in god I do believe this experience shaped who I am. I still struggle with not believing in Heaven because I like to think that my grandma and dog are together somewhere.

3) I once quit a job at a neighborhood development organization when one of the business owners publicly harassed me for being gay. A few months later his business burned down. The apartment above his business was ruined and the girl who lived there was someone who was mean to me in middle school. Because of this I strongly believe in karma.

4) I’ve always known I’ve wanted to work in human services. I spent my first day of kindergarten comforting a kid who was sad. Meanwhile, I had fallen off my bike the day before and had 14 stitches and my arm in a sling. My work is the only thing I’ve ever really felt I am exceptional at.

5) I have shaved my legs and armpits twice in six years- once for my sister’s wedding and once for my best friend, E’s, wedding. When I did shave I shaved every time I showered, even if twice a day. I feel like not shaving is more about overcoming compulsive behavior than anything else.

6) I used to be terrible with money and bill paying. I had terrible credit, was always broke, and not smart about my spending. Seeing my credit score when preparing to buy our house was a very proud moment for me. I really can’t believe how far I’ve come.

7) I want to be 90% car free in two years. We’d still have a car for trips but our goal is to live day to day car free. In 8 years Lesley and I have never owned two cars and never intend to.

8) Really tall people make me uncomfortable. I consider really tall over 5’11” for women and 6’4″ for men. I have no idea why this bothers me so much, especially because I am fairly tall (5’9″).

9) I love water but can’t swim. I have a kayak and always wear my life jacket and often wear it in a lake. I can float and make do but if I was stuck in open water I’d die. Similarly, I love the woods but am scared if big animals. I often carry a bear bell hiking.

10) I moved to Oregon 4.5 years ago without having ever been here. I knew after two weeks I’d never leave.

11) I’m overly emotional. I often get teased about this which then upsets me more. It’s the worst when I am overly tired.


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  1. Great list! I am car-free (don’t even have one) and don’t regret it at all!

  2. Hmm, I don’t know how I feel about being one of those people who would make you uncomfortable because of my height (I’m 6’0″ even) especially since I also really enjoy wearing heels that can make me 6’2″ or taller . . .Guess its best we are just blog friends? 😉

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