Sick, annoyed, and finally hungry

I have been sick. It’s just a stupid cold but it’s knocked me out. I missed work Friday and had to have Lesley come home to make me lunch because I couldn’t walk to the kitchen from the couch. Our house is 1100 sq. ft- it’s not like I had to stroll through the wings of my mansion, y’all. I’m starting to come out of it but it’s slow. I keep reminding myself that a cold doesn’t necessarily hurt the fetus but I am more eager than ever to hear that heartbeat and know we’re all still okay.

I realized today why pregnant women hate everyone. My coworker told me today that being sick while pregnant is part of the process. Nope. I got a cold. My immune system is weak. I didn’t get a cold because it’s part of being pregnant. When I left today she told me to take care of myself because, “remember, you’re taking care of two.” HOLY FUCK! I almost forgot! My plan was to go home and drink whiskey and smoke all the smokes but thankfully she reminded me. This is the same woman who when she found out I was pregnant asked when she could tell people. Hows about never? I know I’m pregnant. I think about it all the time. I don’t need your annoying little comments.

In other news, I remembered food is awesome. Today when leaving work I saw someone’s Sonic bag in the trash and stood and stared at it for a good 30 seconds. That’s when I realized that the cravings are here and they are constantly whispering for cheeseburgers. Before Saturday night I have had one hamburger in 8 years. Lesley, who is less of a strict vegetarian than I am, is THRILLED. I figure that intense meat cravings is something sweet I can do for her since she spent the weekend bulk cooking for the net few weeks and cleaning and taking care of me while I couldn’t get off the couch. Together, we’ll eat cheeseburgers.


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  1. I’ve been craving turkey burgers like nobody’s business. Unfortunately, this town is severely lacking in the turkey burger arena. I feel you on the annoying coworkers. I mostly hate all of mine. I was so paranoid about my fetus when I had the flu, so I get your worries. Hope you’re feeling all better soon.

  2. I craved cheeseburgers until about 12 weeks. Your body needs more iron when pregnant…and cheeseburgers are delicious. Cravings are a strange part of pregnancies.

  3. I’ve been a vegetarian for 3 years and I’ve had two cheeseburgers this pregnancy despite my intentions of staying vegetarian. Baby wanted them. I had a very small cheesesteak the other day too. Must have been lacking iron.

  4. My wife craved cheeseburgers and diet soda something fierce!! Now that our son is here, cheeseburgers are one of his favorite foods too. Funny how that works! LOL

  5. Just make sure the cheeseburgers are grass-fed organic beef. You can’t be eating animal fear now that you are eating for two!

  6. The things people used to say to me during my pregnancy blew my mind and made me hate humanity. I feel ya on that one!

    Enjoy your meat cravings, lol!

  7. I had the strangest pregnancy food aversion: Chocolate. I literally could not eat it during my pregnancy because it was so sweet it was overwhelming. I loved chips & onion dip and soy milk. I think meat is a common craving because of the protein/iron/etc that are helpful for a growing fetus. I hope you liked your food! If you like anything acidic eat it now while you can because around 15 weeks I started to get wicked acid reflux to the point where I couldn’t drink anything like juice or eat any foods with high acidity levels.

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