First prenatal visit

We had out first actual prenatal visit with our midwife this morning. I like her so much and felt even more reassured that we made the right choice. Last Friday we canceled our ten week doctor’s appointment and told our doctor we were going to use a midwife. It went as expected and luckily Colleen, the midwife, had tols us everything the doctor would say. Our doctor did say though that if we are using a “lay” midwife then she’s glad it’s Colleen.

We didn’t have much to talk about today and mainly talked about diet and exercise. She checked a few hormone levels and is a bit concerned I am not eating enough. She suggested I snack when I get up to go to the bathroom in the night which is so funny for me to think about sitting at the kitchen table in the middle of the night having a banana. BUT she said it would help me fall back to sleep faster and that is something I want so I’ll do it. She also broke the bad news that I need to be drinking whole milk which is gross and I am extremely displeased. Colleen has realized that Lesley is her ally in my eating as she was telling me the same things Lesley has been telling me. So now they have teamed up on me.

She gave me reassurance, like many of you, the the exhaustion will pass. I almost cried even talking about it today. I do mostly okay through the day but hit 8 o’clock and feel so overwhelmed and tired. I’m beyond ready for that to be over.

The best part of the visit was that she gave me extra motivation to bike. I love biking and next month am moving to my organization’s other office with makes a bike commute much more manageable -3.5 miles each way instead of 7.5. 7.5 isn’t even that bad but it means I need a shower by the time I get to work which means that with the ride and shower I need to leave around 6:30 to be ready for work by 8:30. This new commute will be showerless and means I can leave at 8. Colleen told me that she has no scientific proof of this but has found that women who bike through their pregnancy have a much easier time with childbirth. SOLD. Looks like this weekend is bike tune up weekend.

Our next appointment is March 10th and she’s hopeful we can hear the heartbeat. This all is so surreal. As I grow more confident each day I grow a little more excited. This is going to happen and all three of us are going to be just fine.


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  1. I’m waiting for the roads to clear so I can get back on my bike (haven’t been able to since I was 10 weeks pregnant due to ice/snow)! I didn’t bike through my last pregnancy but I’m hopeful I can make it through a chunk of this one so my commute is faster and I can pick up my son easily. Midwives are the best!

  2. Great news on the bike commute. I can’t wait for it to get warmer so that I can start biking to work again. I’m a baby and can’t deal with the 30 and 40 degree weather. Mine is only a 2 mile commute. It’s crazy that it takes me as much time to bike here as it does to drive.

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