We’ve officially crossed over into six weeks pregnant. This is big as I told myself that at 6 weeks I’d start to relax and that’s proved true. I’m starting to get more excited and we even bought a storage bin for the six baby things we have bought in anticipation that at some point we might buy more. I ordered baby hockey pajamas in anticipation of bringing baby to Lesley’s hockey games. That’s the first thing I’ve bought with the idea of actually doing something with our child.

I continue to feel pretty terrible but with Lesley monitoring my eating it’s going better. I need to eat more fruits and vegetables and not just crackers and cheese but hey, can’t win them all, right?

We had a consult with our top choice for midwife yesterday and loved her. Sure, initially we picked her because she brings the birthing tub over on her cargo bike but she really is a great fit for us. I feel more confident after we met that home birth is right for us – now to convince our moms…

8 week ultrasound is on Valentine’s Day. Assuming everything is fine (and I’m assuming that) we’ll start telling the people we need to tell in person or over the phone. We haven’t told our siblings or some close friends so need to do those personally before a public (Facebook) announcement. We’ve been planning on going public at week 14- the end of March. I don’t think I can wait that long though. I should, I know, but that’s 8 weeks away and I’m a terrible secret keeper. Maybe once we tell a few more people my eagerness will calm.


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  1. I remember the feeling of just dying inside waiting to tell people. It felt like those weeks dragged on FOREVERRRRR. I say tell people when you’re ready. There’s no magic number/week. I figured if I – god forbid – miscarried, I’d have the support of all the folks I’d told about my pregnancy.

    I’m excited to follow your pregnancy! I had a home birth and it was amazing. My mom was hesitant and worried, but once she met my midwives, her fears (mostly) flew out the window. I wish the same for you.

    • Lesley’s mom told us today that she’s not worried because she saw a Jennifer Lopez movie where someone had a home birth. 🙂 I let my mom give me questions for the midwife and asked them and reported the answers. She’s coming around. Her friend’s daughter had a home birth a few months ago which I think is helping us.

  2. There is a new stud on homebirths out, our midwife gave us a copy and I’d be happy to share it with you to share with others who are concerned. My parents have been a little worried but ultimately it’s your decision and you can explain to them that you’ve done the research and it’s the best option for you. My dad was really surprised to find out that there are a lot of things that risk you out of a homebirth and that they do transfer you to the hospital for a number of reasons, rarely and emergency.

    • The new mana study? If not that (which I have) I’d love it if you would pass it along. My mom is doing better with it already and I’ve been feeding her lots of positive info. She still has 34 weeks to get completely on board. 🙂

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