10,000 hours

My dad was telling me recently about the book The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. The premise of the book is this: people who are exceptional at something have put 10,000 hours of work in to be an expert. I immediately knew what he was talking about, not because I read the book, but because I love Macklemore and he has a song about this same idea.

In September, 10,032 hours after the day of our first insemination, we are expecting a baby.

I got a positive pregnancy test this morning and am blown away. We are thrilled, of course. We spent the morning telling close friends and making sure those we know in real life reading the blog heard it from us first. We’re now trying to figure out our next step. I called my doctor and they don’t feel the need to do a blood test. Instead, they scheduled a ten week appointment on February 28th. I want a blood test so asked the nurse to call me back and am waiting on that. If no luck there I will try my primary care provider.

I’m excited and nervous and already sure I am going to feel like hell through this. I don’t care. Bring it on.


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  1. THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER. Congratulations, lady. Love for you.

  2. Congrats! I’m so excited and happy for you!

  3. Hurray! So excited for you!

  4. twomamasonebaby

    Yaaaaaaaaay! Congrats!!!! I hope you can get them to give you a blood test – it’s so reassuring to hear a medical professional say you are indeed pregnant. I’m so excited that we’ll be pregnant together!!


  6. Congratulations! Yeah, even though blood tests aren’t necessary 10 weeks is a long time to wait for a first appointment, so getting some form of other confirmation would just be reassuring and help with the “is this for real?” feeling.

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