One tip

If I had one piece of advice going into TTC it would be this: Temp (take your bbt daily, right when you get up) a month before putting sperm in you.

I never thought I would temp but come month 7 I am willing to try ANYTHING. Now that I am temping I wish I would have done it before trying so I have something to compare my chart to. Instead, I spend hours over analyzing a chart whose meaning I don’t understand.


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  1. I never did my temp b/c I was crazy enough without it! Not sure if I would a 2nd time around…

    • I never thought I would but I never though we wouldn’t be pregnant by now. I did it with the thought that I won’t read too much into it and see how it looks. Yeah, that failed. I’m really not overly in favor of it but at this point I wish I had a “clean” month to compare.

    • That’s the way I’m going about TTC myself. Analyzing OPKs is bad enough. Also, temping is only as accurate as them in retrospect.

      • I totally thought the same thing but here, seven months later, I’d do anything for some answers about why it is taking so long. I wish I would have just temped for one month so I would have a base chart to compare – I still probably would not have temped for the time between that month and now.

  2. I’m a big fan of temping. It was pretty annoying sometimes, but I temped for almost 6 months before our first try. It’s the only way other than a blood test to confirm that you are actually ovulating and helps figure out timing, some women have longer or shorter surges before they ovulate. Good luck! and try not to analyze too much. I always stopped temping after a 3 day rise so that I wouldn’t be tempted to over analyze during the TWW

    • I told myself that after one month I won’t temp after a few days after rise so I won’t over analyze but want a full month on record. That gives me free license to be totally insane about it this month even though I’m 97% sure I’m not pregnant. I’ll have to find something new to obsessively over analyze next month.

      • twomamasonebaby

        I started temping well before we actually started TTC and was so grateful for all those charts to refer to when we finally did start the process. It made me pretty crazy, though, when we were TTC because it’s waaaaay to easy to over analyze, so I totally get you there. But because I had so many complete charts and felt I really had the hang of it, it was actually pretty easy for me to stop temping once ovulation was confirmed each cycle. I liked having that confirmation. It helped my anxiety a lot. But beyond that, it’s an exercise in madness when TTC.

      • But what’s not an exercise in madness when TTC?

      • twomamasonebaby

        Good point.

  3. My wife and I are on IUI try #2, and our doctor told us not to bother with the temping anymore. She took her temp every day for what must have been almost a year…but there was never any clear pattern. I would stare at the charts and drive myself crazy analyzing each one! Now she just pees on the stick and waits for it to say she’s ovulating. That has been more accurate than temping ever was. Good luck!

  4. I started temping 7 months before trying, which was probably overkill lol. I just thought it was so cool to be able to track my cycle. It was very empowering. It only made me crazy in the last 3 days of the tww as my temps would drop. As long as you keep the mantra that a single temp is nothing to worry about and it is an overall picture that doesn’t always make sense until several days have passed, it hopefully won’t add additional stress.

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