Today was a good day. It was a much needed good day.

Yesterday I got a positive on the ovulation predictor kit. In fact, I got a positive on two ovulation predictor kits. Just to be sure we were getting it right we decided I should try two different brands every day to see if they were telling us the same thing. They were and yesterday was the day. Because it was New Years’ Day I was unable to call the doctor’s office to schedule an appointment yesterday so we crossed our fingers and hoped things would work out today.

When somewhere opens at 8 am if you call them at 8 am you seem crazy. But if you wait until 8:02, watching the clock the whole time, you seem perfectly normal. At 8:02 I called and they told me the nurse would call me back. She did within ten minutes. We were going in at 11:45.

I went to work, left for a long lunch, picked up Pot, and went to the doctor. Now, if you hate being the center of attention you should probably avoid carrying a 22 pound box into a gyno office. I was mortified which is exactly why I made Pot carry it. We sat in the lobby, with our box, and waited.

The nurse came to get us and she was so nice, y’all. I take back all of my dislike for her. She thawed the sperm and chatted with us about how she liked my sweater and we talked about our favorite places to buy skirts. The doctor came in, chatted for a minute, we joked around, and then she got the sperm and did the insemination.

Doing the insemination at the doctor’s office was totally different from doing the IUI at home. Two things really struck me: 1) How fast it was. At home, it would probably take us 5 minutes start to finish. At the office, it was 15 seconds, max. I was shocked. 2) I felt nothing. At home it feels like, you know, someone is poking around inside your cervix. I had no idea that she had done it. It was like the time my dad had to pull my big toenail off after I fell down the stairs and it popped up. He said he’d do it on three but did it on two and I had no idea. I kept waiting for her, not realizing that she was done.

The most reassuring part of the day was when she said she had a little difficulty getting into my uterus. It wasn’t super hard and she was able to do it no problem but it reassured us that yes, we were having trouble for a reason but there is nothing majorly wrong. My biggest fear going into today was that she would understand why we were having a problem and it would continue to be a problem. 

After the insemination they had me lay there for a while and Pot and I sat around looking at graphics of STDs. I felt immediately like the weight that had been pushing me down for the last few weeks was lifted. After a half hour I got up, got dressed, and we left to the nurse giving us a thumbs up and telling us that she was excited to see us soon.

I feel renewed. I so hope it works this time but I am very realistic that it might not. Either way, I know everything is okay. I know that the doctor felt that our timing was good and the sample was good and there were no complications. I feel like for the first time, the odds are in our favor. 


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  1. twomamasonebaby

    Fingers, toes, arms, and legs crossed for you!!

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