This month, in an effort to know I am doing everything I can, I started temping. As suspected it is making me crazy. Looking at other’s charts I am baffled by what mine means. I got a positive opk this morning (on two different types of tests- you know, just being thorough) but my temp also rose more than one degree.

I knew this would be difficult for me. I rarely sleep four hours at a time and never before temping. I take my temp at 6:30 but this morning was up at 3 to go to the bathroom. I’m always too hot or too cold, depending on if the cats are sleeping on me or if we remembered to turn the heat down before bed.

I went into this with the idea that it might be helpful and might not. Secretly, I was hoping it would provide all the answers.

Here’s hoping tomorrow goes well and we can actually inseminate with the doctor.


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  1. That’s one reason why I don’t temp. My cats sometimes sleep on me or by my feed and I often wake up at 2 or 3 to pee. Additionally sometimes my wife feels cold and snuggles up to me and I wake up covered in sweat. I just don’t see temping working for me.

  2. Yeah, I’ve always felt the same way. The best advice I got about it was to not do it if it would cause more stress. I look at it more as an experiment than the final word on when I ovulate.

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