Things are slowing getting a bit better. I am currently 8 days past insemination which would mean something if I thought there was any way I was going to be pregnant at the end of this two week wait. I know there i no hope for this cycle but I am doing a good job of looking forward. I talked with our nurse this week and she gave me the doctor’s holiday schedule and pager number so I feel much more confident about our doctor insemination next month. We had talked about skipping this next cycle but I don’t think we will at this point. I am glad we keep moving. Financially, we wouldn’t mind the break but I am eager for a doctor insemination. Our at home inseminations are going so poorly I need to have the reassurance from the doctor that nothing is wrong and we are just bad at this.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks and I am glad to be on the upswing of things. There is still a lot of stress lingering but today we tackle trying to fix our washing machine with our friends and if that happens we can cancel that service call and afford to call someone to fix the oven. The joys of homeownership are showing their true colors lately. I know next month is going to better – financially, insemination wise, stress wise. I’m excited to move into 2014 feeling renewed.


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