What I want to say to the doctor

I keep going over what I will say to the doctor when I call on Monday. Currently, in my head, it sounds something like this:

“I need to very clear instructions about what we need to do to have an iui done by you. We decided to use a doctor after three months of trying at home. We scheduled the consult before month four but the clinic scheduled us with the wrong doctor so we were on our own month four. We met with you before month five insemination and while I knew you would be out of town that weekend I did as instructed and called when I got the positive Opk to see if another doctor could do it. I called at 9 am and your nurse called me back after 4pm and told me it was too late in the day for her to talk to the other doctor. Then came this month and the office being closed due to a freak snow storm. I called 56 times. My next ovulation will take place around New Years so I need to know now if that is possible or not. If it is not, I’d rather you be straight up with me now. If it will work I need to know exactly what I need to do now. What numbers to call if I may ovulate over the weekend. You told me to call Friday and twice now proven that’s not a valid option. That no longer works as a plan for me. If it isn’t going to work then we know and won’t order sperm because having to decide whether or not to send the sperm back and pay a fee or try and home and know it is extremely unlikely it is going to work is extremely hard and knowing we’re doing something wrong at home and feeling like we have no other option is taking a huge toll on both of our mental health. I know you all don’t really care but this is my life and I care a lot. If you can’t help us with the next cycle then we’ll look into the specialist we can’t afford. I was so excited when we first met and I felt like you were the right fit for us but the more time goes on I feel like no one at your clinic really cares about our family.”

I’ve got two days to calm that down a bit.


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  1. twomamasonebaby

    I’m so sorry it didn’t work out this month. I can so understand your anger. So much love to you both. ❤

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