New plan

After a great visit with the doctor we ordered sperm and were ready to go. We had a plan. I’d get a positive on the ovulation kit, we’d call the doctor, and we’d go in the next day to get the insemination.

As is the story with our journey to pregnancy, things have not gone as planned. Judging from when I normally ovulate I thought I’d ovulate Thursday or Friday. This month we switched brands of ovulation predictor kits because I felt that I was showing positive too early and have trouble telling if the two lines on the stick are the same color. Unlike pregnancy tests where even a faint hint of a second line is a positive ovulation prediction kits want you to tell if the two lines are the exact same color. This proved challenging for me. Pot often asks me after I get dressed in the morning and think things match if I am colorblind -these tests are really making me wonder. The new test confirmed my suspicion. I got a positive today, on day 12, instead of day 10.

Here’s where we run into major problems. We called the doctor’s office yesterday and spoke with our doctor’s nurse. We knew our doctor would be out of town this weekend but found out yesterday that one of the other doctors who does iuis is out of town as well. There is one other doctor who does them will be around this weekend but the nurse couldn’t get ahold of her. She told me they probably couldn’t make it happen this time.

On one hand I am ANNOYED. We have a tank of sperm sitting in our living room and are ready to go. I wish the doctor would have been more realistic with us from the start (although I think she didn’t really know). But on the other hand, we just keep moving. We have two options – send the vial back or inseminate on our own. We are picking option two. The problem is that we didn’t order any insemination supplies meaning we need to scramble today to get a syringe and a catheter. Fingers crossed we have good luck at the farm store this afternoon so we can inseminate tonight (tonight instead of the morning due to dog sitting a morning needy pup) and begin what, pray to the goddess, is our last two week wait.


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