Well, I wish we would have met with the doctor months ago. After the worst doctor appointment ever we went today and had an amazing experience.

The doctor was great. She was laid back and very open and I didn’t cry. We can continue using our same sperm bank and in the end it will cost us less than we are paying now. She recommends only using one vial a cycle (currently we are using two) which will save us $300. It is $210 for her to do the IUI. She will come in on weekends and work around our schedule and my ovulation. If she can’t, her business partner will.

Beyond that, she doesn’t suggest doing a lot of medical intervention now. We are doing no ultrasounds, no meds. Just me, Pot, the doctor, and a vial of sperm from a stranger. Perfect.

We will talk later about a plan for what to do if this doesn’t work. She said normally she suggests trying 6 months to a year. Since we tried at home we might only try three tries with her before looking at the next medical intervention.

I feel so relieved. We have a plan and an inexpensive one at that. In celebration I am buying new boots and ordering sperm.


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  1. twomamasonebaby

    This gives me so much hope! Thank you for posting about your visit! May I ask who you saw? Id would be nice to have a backup if we don’t like the RE we’re seeing next week. You can email me directly at fallingsky at comcast dot net if you’d prefer. Thanks again!!

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