I am 30 years old. I’ve been having my period monthly for over half my life. But until I started tracking it ten months ago it was a surprise every time. It runs on a regular schedule yet I never knew it was coming. Now that I’ve watched it for ten months I know that I should expect it 26 days after the last one started. I’m prepared and no longer is it’s arrival surprising.

So imagine my surprise when here I sit on day 28 with no hint of a period. For someone trying to get pregnant this is fantastic if it’s accompanied by a positive pregnancy test – something I do not have. Instead I am left to wonder what is going on. It could be nothing. Often stress causes women to have late periods. Sure, except I run a little anxious all the time and have been through more stressful situations and have never had this issue.

The other possibility is I could be pregnant and it’s not showing up. This is my worst case scenario. Pregnancy tests detect a rise in the hormone hcg. What does it mean if I am pregnant but my hormone has not risen? That doesn’t seen good.

It’s so frustrating to have this screwed up. I am counting on my body working the way it always has and now things malfunction. It’s frustrating because I felt so positive about this round and my friend’s daughter’s magic 8 ball said I was pregnant, and here I am with no idea what to do next. I’ll take a deep breath, remind myself I see the doctor next Monday, and I’ll (impatiently) wait.


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