As we keep trying things get easier. We inseminated for the third cycle last night and early this morning. By now we know what we are doing, we have a process, and it isn’t unusual. Our insemination this morning was at 5 am. I woke Lesley up, we inseminated, and within ten minutes of her waking we were back to sleep.

There is a huge benefit to having it be easier. At this point it is just something we do and I do not feel as much stress, pressure, or hope. That doesn’t mean I am not hopeful (I am) but that I can focus on other things and not feel so consumed by the idea of pregnancy. The wait seems shorter and more manageable.

I feel good about this attempt. I feel like our timing was good and we are using a new donor that has past reported pregnancies. One of my good friends inseminated yesterday and today too and it would be exciting for us to be pregnant together (our partners may disagree). My due date would be Pot’s 30th birthday – that’s got to be some extra good luck, right?

I feel most optimistic today because we are working on a long term plan. I’ve talked here before about the outrageous cost of having a consultation with a doctor. A friend of mine recently met a couple who got pregnant with the help of another clinic and I called that clinic today. Their cost for a consult is $230 (instead of $568) so we booked it. We’ll go in October 11th if we do not get pregnant this cycle. Hopefully we won’t need that but knowing that we are getting ready for the next step and getting outside help feels good. While it is still a ways away I am able to maintain hope that I will have a positive pregnancy tests before 2013 is over.


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