Try. Wait. Repeat.

Attempt to conceive number 2 took place this weekend. Sperm arrived, sperm was used, now we wait.

I already feel out of luck this round. Timing seemed off and things seemed different. I know the is vague but I assure you that is for your benefit. I’m not counting us out and am hoping for the best but I can already tell this waiting period will be easier. Maybe it is because I have already looked up all the information I can on the internet but I am able to focus on other things and wait it out.

I can tell that the longer this process goes on the more soul crushing it will be. Month two and I have pretty much given up hope. We’ll keep going and keep trying but I wonder how things will be month after month. I felt that I would be calmer and less optimistic but will this hopelessness be a pattern? If it does take us six months or more to get pregnant how will I feel then?

There are positive rays shining through. I’ll have less stress and anxiety and will hopefully be less sad when not pregnant and maybe more excited when I am. I knew what I was signing up for with this process but I think everyone holds out to that hope that they will get pregnant the first time. I’ve moved past hope and onto real. We will keep trying. We will keep waiting.


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