We are officially not pregnant. Honestly, by the time my period started it was a bit of a relief. The waiting period was long and emotional and now we can just move on to what is next. Our next shipment of sperm gets delivered next Friday and we’ll get ready to try again.

Currently nine people (besides us) know we are trying to get pregnant. These nine people are close friends of ours who are very supportive. Four of those nine people are two of our close couple friends who are also working on getting pregnant so having that support is really great. Having the support of those who have been there, those who will  be there, and those who are just here, now, for us, has been great.

But it is also hard having these people know. It’s hard because they are so encouraging. That sounds terrible but about half of these people were vocally optimistic that we would get pregnant the first try. In reality, it could take months. In reality, it could take years. In reality, it could never happen. But we need to be prepared for a long haul. We need to be prepared to change shorts to sweaters and still not be pregnant. In the meantime we need to enjoy each other and our friends and our family. While I hope that the waiting period gets easier as months pass I don’t expect it will. Hopefully we get pregnant quickly but I need to be grounded in the reality that we might not. I need my supports to voice that reality and be there to support us month after month and rejoice with us when it is our time. I love their enthusiasm and encouragement and want them to keep that up but also know that they will be there month after month and be honest with me about this process. While their support is amazing, I need it to be rooted in reality. I need help keeping grounded when excitment gets the best of me and help staying positive on days where I can’t do that on my own. 

But now, I mainly just want a glass of wine.


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