I am pretty convinced I am pregnant. While that sounds awesome this is really not where I wanted to be. Do I want to get pregnant first try? Absolutely! Do I want to be convinced I am pregnant by day 7 of a 12 day waiting period? No. I have been telling myself that I would have a good sense of whether or not I was pregnant by the end of the first week. Now I am here and don’t know how I will make it another week before finding out.

I had some cramping last night that could be implantation cramping – when the zygote sets up a home in your uterus. I know the early pregnancy symptoms and am slowing checking them off the list in my head. I’ve honestly tried hard not to but this wait is just so terrible.

I know we should get pregnant in the first six months and know that there is a 20% chance of getting pregnant month one. Logically, I know this is probably not it. I posted a question on the forum set up by the sperm bank and a lot of lovely ladies talked me down some about how this could be it or it could be nothing. I’m trying hard to stay grounded during this wait.

The idea of having this wait every month is pretty much the worst thing I can imagine. I know that sound over dramatic but I really hate this. Now that I reread this post is one big whine – only one more week to go.


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