Round One

So round one is complete. We got to UPS early in the morning on Thursday, picked up our package, and were ready to go.

The whole experience was exciting and surreal. For those who don’t know, it goes like this: The sperm is in a tank of liquid nitrogen. You open it and, with gloves on, pull out a long metal stick with a vial attached. (See picture.) You let the vial first crystallize then thaw, then bring it up to your body temperature by carrying it around for a bit, then inseminate. The whole process from pulling it out to finishing insemination was under a half hour which really surprised me as I was expecting it to take longer. We inseminated in the morning, went to work, and inseminated with the second vial in the evening after work before Pot’s softball game. (We figured that is good lesbian luck.)

Like scientists, y'all.

Like scientists, y’all.

Now we wait. I thought this would be a simple thing and I could remain calm. That went out the window about a half hour after insemination. After reading things on a forum I lightly use I thought, “I will NOT go as nuts as these folks.” Lie. So we wait two weeks. We inseminated on the first, my period is suppose to start the 14th. We’re trying to hold out for the 13th to test. In the meantime, I am trying hard not to take things as a sign. A stomach ache could be fertilization and implantation or it could be the fact I ate bean burritos three days in a row. I feel a bit nauseous, but do I or do I just want to? I think as the days go by I will lose hope a bit and maybe not be as anxious. I talked to my best friend yesterday – she has a one year old conceived by a donor. She just laughed and said that it will suck every month and there isn’t much I can do to help it.

It helps that Pot is not much for speculation. When I try to get her to guess about tv show story lines (Who do you think is the killer? Will they love it or list it?) she always says, “Maybe if you wait and watch the show you’ll find out.” I guess that is what we do now -wait and watch the show and find out.


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