Murphy’s law

When we decided to try earlier than planned it made sense. We had planned to try in September but then decided to get a credit card where we earn miles (so someday we can take this baby to visit it’s grandparents) and decided if we were going to put it on the credit card let’s just start in August. Afterall, by the time the bill comes it would be September and that would be our September savings. So we checked my ovulation and I ovulate twice in August. We figured what the hell and decided to try both times.

We needed to place the order soon to get it in time and were waiting for the new magic credit card to show up. It didn’t. We had to order and moved things around financially to make it happen. This was a stressful process as it wasn’t yet pay day and having bought a house 2 months ago our credit card balances were a bit higher than normal and our savings a bit lower than normal. Normally I can make a quick payment on one card using a bank account I have but I got a new debit card during the move that I never activated and possibly lost. After much stress I downloaded the bank’s app, wrote myself a check, processed it via the app, and paid the few bucks we were short in order to make the order with that card. Settled.

The next question was when to ship. Pot is currently working three days a week. While we would have prefered to get the package on Wednesday, it is one of her work days. A friend could receive it for us but that seemed complicated so we thought we would be safe to get it on Thursday. (I should ovulate on Saturday.) Okay, settled, ordered. EXCEPT I PUT IN THE WRONG DATE. I got confused and put Thursday as the shipping date. After several calls and emails to the sperm bank they reassured me that this happens all the time and switched the date. On track for a Thursday delivery.

Smooth sailing we thought – until this morning. I’ve been taking the ovulation prediction tests that basically means I pee in a cup and put a strip in to tell me if I am ovulating. [You can pee on a stick too but this method was cheaper and I figure if I want to have a baby I shouldn’t be too grossed out by this. (I totally spilled pee all over the bathroom this morning.)] This morning the test came back positive meaning that I would ovulate in the next 24 hours. UPS would be here tomorrow around 5. This means that we would miss the chance to inseminate 24 hours after a positive test and be cutting it close to inseminate at 36. (Those are the advised times). Panicked, I went to the sperm bank’s forum and asked people’s thoughts. After getting some reassurance, I called UPS and changed the delivery so we can pick it up at 8 am tomorrow. We will come home, thaw, and inseminate.

Part of me feels like this chaos is a good sign. We are the people who looked at houses on a whim and bought the second one we looked at. We make decisions fast and ride the waves that come with impulsiveness. But if it isn’t meant to be this time at least maybe we are learning how to be better prepared next time.


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  1. I know you are already pregnant, but an old pro-tip from an infertile hetero – use afternoon pee for the ovulation predictors (best if you haven’t urinated for about 4 hours), and first morning pee for the pregnancy test.

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