When we first decided to start getting serious about pregnancy I checked out every book about lesbian pregnancy our local library had (3). I opened them, quickly flipped through them, and returned them. They all talked about the decisions you need to make: who will carry the child, known donor or anonymous, home insemination vs. office. I wanted to know more from people. I wanted to know how people did this and hear about their experiences. I have found some of that on the internet from various blogs and have had friends who have gone before me and done this so that has been my basis of knowledge. From those sources, I learned that I needed to prepare.

It’s a strange concept for me: Preparing to get pregnant. See, I am a social service provider. I used to work with teenage parents. I am very aware that most people do not PREPARE to get pregnant so I wondered. “Why should I?”. Tips include: getting enough sleep (I do), eating healthy (I eat fairly healthy), avoiding caffeine (I don’t drink coffee and only have an occassional soda so think I am good there). Okay, I think I am confident on these things. Folks also suggest not having alcohol for a while before trying and while trying. While trying, sure, I get but was wondering at what point I stop drinking beforehand. This past Saturday I went out with Pot and our friends and maybe drank too much. I woke up with mysterious bruises all over my hand. From what we can figure out this came from arm wrestling. I got drunk and arm wrestled my friends. This is especially sad because I have no arm stregnth and lose every single time. It was Sunday morning that I figured out I might as well stop drinking now as it is too late to stop while I am ahead. The other preparation I have been proactive about is taking vitamins. I have had them in the cabinet for months but for the past two weeks have taken them almost every day. I have a lot of multi vitamins so am not currently using a prenatal. I get most of what I need from the multi vitamin. I supplement that with a folic acid tablet. When I saw my doctor the one thing she wanted to be sure of is that I was taking folic acid and enough of it (800 to 1000 mg a day).

So I got some of the nutrition stuff mastered, or at least as mastered as I will get it. The other project is to track your ovulation. There are many ways to do this, all of which are found online, but the easiest is to get ovulation testers and track it. We got a pack of 20 at Target a few months ago half off on clearance and went to work. The first month we used a lot to figure out when it was but since then I have mainly been tracking using a smartphone app, Ladytimer (that is honestly the name). I test my ovulation around when it says I am ovulating and things look pretty right on. Which bring us to our last and by far grossest step.

Once you know when you are ovulating, you should check your cervix to lookfor cervical mucus. Ideally, you should do this when ovulating and not so you can tell the difference. This is something that can be done by feel or if you have a loving partner, like I do, with sight. We’re a bit behind on this so checked last night as I am currently fertile. You should note, before doing this, that this might be the least sexy thing you ever do. Especially when you google search “cervical mucus” to make sure you are seeing the right thing. So we checked it on and now we keep checking and comparing. This is our our last big prepping step. Shits about to get real.


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