We have had decisions to make about how we want to try to get pregnant. After sending all of our documents to the specialist and them checking our insurance they confirmed what I feared: Our insurance won’t over the visits. That left us with two options: Going through the specialist and paying the $568 for the consultation and the fee for other doctors visits on top of the cost of sperm or ordering sperm directly and doing things at home. We evaluated our finances and decided if we want to start trying to get pregnant this fall than doing it at home was the best option and we would move forward with that plan.

The biggest concern with that is ordering sperm. Some sperm banks will only ship to doctor’s offices and most require that you have a signature from a doctor that they will be supervising the procedure. After some panic we found one (NWcryobank) that seems like the right fit. It is a relief to have found that and solidified those details. The next step was seeing my doctor. Today was my annual exam and I talked to my doctor about our plans to get pregnant. She asked if I am taking vitamins and tracking my ovulation (I am.) and asked what our plans are. We discussed the problems with finding a sperm bank and she reported that there were no concerns for us inseminating on our own. The whole experience was kind of surreal. I have other friends who are going through this process and are getting blood drawn to check hormone levels and have long meetings with the doctor. I knew that we would not do that because we are doing home insemination but there was a lack of pizazz about the whole appointment. Pot and I talk often about how easily some women get pregnant with little to no intervention and we have no reason to believe it would be any different for us. So we go forward with a wish of good luck from our doctor and a list of donors to review.


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