Monthly Archives: February 2013

And so it begins.

Today, 2/27/13, I made the decision to start getting serious about getting pregnant. Honestly, I’ve known it is coming. The plan is to start trying in the fall and I’ve been telling myself that I will make a doctor’s appointment this summer, talk things through, and go from there. Recently, when talking to friends and thinking about things, I’ve decided I need to make that appointment sooner. I should mention here that my partner, Pot, is totally on board. She has said to make the appointment whenever I am ready and I have been dragging my feet. I know my timeline and now realize that it is time to get moving. I have been thinking about this but didn’t know how to make the call. “Hi, I am a lesbian and want to have a baby. How do I do that?” Then today¬†a friend across the country who knows this plan and is working on one of her own emailed me after her doctor’s appointment. I learned the things I needed to know, mainly that I wanted to ask for a consultation with a reproductive endrocronologist, and I summonded up the courage and made the call. I went to my doctor’s website, which luckily has a fertility center as part of their practice, and called. I told the receptionist that I wanted to talk to someone about trying to get pregnant and she suggested I talk to my doctor first. She said my doctor would let me know if there was going to be a problem and if there was I could come in then. “I’m a lesbian so I am pretty sure there is going to be a problem” I awkwardly blurted out. She said that was different and that I should come in for a consultation. She will mail me a packet of information and I can come in for the 568 DOLLAR CONSULTATION. Wow. So here we go. I’ll get the packet, turn it in, save a few dollars and get ready to go.